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  1. There is no balance, they just want to make some priests useless... Every priest should be able to be any kingdom, every priest should have a easy double favor item.
  2. It would be great if the admin of the wiki just upgraded the version of mediawiki consecutively to the lastest, then added the proper plugins. Seems silly to add new plugins with a old version.
  3. Thanks alot Jacklez, not sure how I missed the unincluded file.. Up and running in no time now!
  4. Dear Rolf, Re: Discuss Epic plz Imagine a world where all of epic is one land, scaled to be one server!!! Epic home servers are islands with a CR nerf, safe merchants, and a prime target to the enemy! There is no boarders to cross and /who displays a constant player count for all of epic. All of the epic lands are magicaly combined into one server! I am not sure this is even possible but it would fix alot of the problems with epic in general, and everyone would keep there lands. If it's even possible to merg all of the epic servers into one xanadu or smaller sized map? Possibly this would fix the problems with keeping servers up, one epic server to serve all? "home server islands" would keep the same basic rules in a zone as they have now for merchants and kingdom players.
  5. It has to do with how mediawiki handles cached pages, my guess is hitting this fixed it.
  6. Intresting, I was the last one to edit the sidebar. It does seem "Tools:" is not rendering correctly. Someone needs to clear the cache. I purged the mainpage and sidebar, don't know if it helped?
  7. Delete "Wurm online" from your java cache, you seem to be asking for a very old update server. Type this command in the windows search prompt: "javaws -viewer" This should open the Java cache viewer. Delete all versions of Wurm you have there, and re-install Wurm from the website. Edit: added client link.