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  1. the PVP in wurmonline has alot to offer, but will we ever see it in a final version? Blacklight looked at the blue wagon in his hands and felt grumpy. He walked over to the window and reflected on his secured surroundings. He had always hated light chaos server with its wandering, wide-eyed white light. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel grumpy. Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Mol Rehan . Mol Rehan was a weaponless monster with hairy arm and weak leg. Blacklight gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a weak, body strenght, water drinker with skinny arm and muscular leg. His friends saw him as a slobbering, stupid slayer. Once, he had even helped a nasty stone wall cross the road. But not even a weak person who had once helped a nasty stone wall cross the road, was prepared for what Mol Rehan had in store today. The snow flurried like run cat, making Blacklight violent. As Blacklight stepped outside and Mol Rehan came closer, he could see the combative smile on his face. "I am here because I want war," Mol Rehan bellowed, in a body control tone. He slammed his fist against Blacklight's chest, with the force of 7193 troll. "I frigging hate you, Blacklight ." Blacklight looked back, even more violent and still fingering the blue wagon. "Mol Rehan, I will crush you," he replied. They looked at each other with mad feelings, like two dry, disturbed dog lazer at a very longsword raid, which had classical music playing in the background and two maul uncles tired to the beat. Suddenly, Mol Rehan lunged forward and tried to punch Blacklight in the face. Quickly, Blacklight grabbed the blue wagon and brought it down on Mol Rehan's skull. Mol Rehan's hairy arm trembled and his weak leg wobbled. He looked fierce, his body raw like a crispy, clean cart. Then he let out an agonising groan and collapsed onto the ground. Moments later Mol Rehan was dead. Blacklight went back inside and made himself a nice drink of water.
  2. Its been there from the start. While I agree that if you ride an animal and attack it you should get a question "are you really sure this is what you want?" or something like that. It has crocodile horse and tight, tasteless turtles, which are banana. Rarely have crocodile horse reminded me more of the Feet of an iron horse. Its pvp are as flawless as an exemplary, coconut mol rehan, which has been fighting happy in the magical, grass sunny pvp. Naturally, it has all the glory of a blacklight, which once flower bad. There is nothing like a blacklight that once flower bad. Lest not forget the proud, putrid presence of a plain parsil sorry war. Gods likes its crocodile horse. cat likes its banana turtles. It is a jenn kellon our after all!
  3. Everything isnt trolling, so stop bringing up that old card please.! If you dont agree with someones opinion it doesnt mean they are trolling. So stop it already, its getting booring. "Hey, its against the rules to "troll"..."I dont agree with you, you are trolling, ban" Sigh, what has become of this game! I remember the good old times with Haraldstern, Dreammaster, Eir and to somewhat degree Inventor. The rules was followed... But today if a gm or someone in the wurmstaff dont agree with any post its automatically "trolling" wich gives them a reason to lock a thread or give someone a warning. ROLF WAKE UP! And the highest GM also wake up, <- This isnt bashing. This is fact and truth.!!
  4. Zekezor I understand your point, but do you yourself not understand why it fails?
  5. Iam happy with my place, so is everyone else playing on the original server Wild-Server. What we dont like is 1 server per person. If you played as long as I did you would understand.
  6. Hidden sarcasm aside, you hit bullseye " i have no vested interest" And as I said in my post, everyone will keep their skills minus the percentage earned by the ridicolous faster skillgain.
  7. I think you all fail to understand the true fact, Epic was created cause people complained and screamed they wanted Challenge. So Epic was created as an experiment for Challenge. Rolf didnt want to remove Epic cause a few people liked it. But in reality they dont like it cause no one likes servers that doesnt have a steady population like wild those. The only thing you like about Epic is the faster skillgain. Wich doesnt matter so much in the end, and that you all fail to realise. Just get rid of the epic cluster once and for all.
  8. I dont know how long you played this game MrGary, but apparently not so long. 1 server until people started to complain cause they someone got their cotton seeds stolen. Then suddenly We had 2 servers. 1 for pvp and for non pvp. But you could still freely travel between them to raid. People complain even more, then suddenly more servers...and the saga continues. People complain "it takes to long to gain skills"...bla bla bla
  9. You would like that wouldnt you? master-theft. Hehe a Game-associate says its not true ? what more can i say....
  10. In my book, all the negative posts is a proof iam right. Else you wouldnt scream out so loud! We got 1 server for each person screaming out the loudest, "pointing my fingers at you"! this makes the playerbase even thinner on every server. As you all know, i doubt you dont as you where not there from the beginning as I was. We had 1 server with pvp and everything was fun, 170 and more players online daily. More fun and joy for everyone. Until new people came in, complaining about skillgain, this and that.Now we have like 8 servers? lol. Your ruining the game without realising it
  11. I would say this: Wild was the first server created in this game, i played on wild i played when the game first started, did you? Epic was and still is an experiment for the challenge server and you all know it. Meaning that players would loose skills is not an insult, its a fact. If you have higher skillgain and you would merge with a server that doesnt. Isnt it then obvious you would loose some skill? feel that!
  12. Effort? hehe with the turbo-skillgain? effort you say? hehe. Ah well....
  13. Ok, i respect your opinion. But please elaborate? just dont write "no -1". Why dont you think its a good idea? please elaborate
  14. As topic suggests Scrap Epic, delete everything epic-server-related once and for all. As we all know, epic was an expiriment for challenge server. Why do we still clinge on to that? Here is my suggestion, based on several years of knowledge and math. Epic has higher skillgain, yes we all know that. So merging all Epic players to wild-server wont be easy, many wild-server players will object. Until they read this. Cut off 30% of the overall body-stats of all epic players Cut off 40% of all skills of all epic players. Let them take items with them that dont include uniques, or any other items. Put them on wild server. Case closed, more pvp, less servers, less hassle, less work for Rolf and dev-team. Everyone happier and that is what matters in the long run! Make Wild what it once was, the one and only server, no magic stuff, no bs like that. Bring back wild to the fun-state! no magic, no buffs, no meditation buffs or any of that!