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  1. I want to buy this undeveloped deed. Message me ingame or here. LucidMunky. Also, im not interested in any other deeds so please no messages about any other deed than Lavendar
  2. Now smithing weapons up to 60 QL 30ql: 10c 40ql: 15c 50ql: 25c 60ql: 35c Just put your name on the weapon and the QL you want it imped to and mail it to LucidMunky, or post here and ill get ahold of you in game. ​
  3. I'm in. I will crush him with my gigantic assets and claim his bone as my own, to cherish, to love, and to hide from the eyes of the wurm....
  4. There you go. reserve is up. Buyout removed
  5. It is set at an offer I had for it before I decided to do an auction. It actually prompted me to do an auction. The number isn't changing and if it isn't matched by the end of the auction, then it's going to the person in game which originally gave me the offer. It's closer to 30 than it is to 40, if that helps.
  6. I'm in! mmwahahahaha... poor ole dragin.
  7. Supreme Sickle 76 ql Starting bid: 15 silver Min Incriments: 1 silver Reserve : 35s Sniper Protection: 2 hours
  8. I've made a papyrus sheet and it does take around .1kg to make. Wurm is realistic, why not have the papyrus realistic too?