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  1. MISSING - Horses Bear Lake

    Update! More are missing Sadjolly, Eastsad. All horses were stolen. I returened home today to see a smashed down fence and all horses missing =( Make sure your animals and houses are secure near bear lake!
  2. MISSING - Horses Bear Lake

    The two are Brown and gold, if you examine them, they will say they are cared for by me
  3. MISSING - Horses Bear Lake

    Loged off to go to sleep. Opon returning 3 horses were missing. Their names are - Huntingsad and Rosehunting - Last seen west of bear lake -- Both are cared for by me Neilsin. Please message me with any infomation, Im offering a reward for their safe return! If they have been stolen, please message me and we can work somthing out for their safe return!