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  1. I agree with a lot of what's been posted in here. Raiding just isn't worth the time investment and risk. However, we also have to look at the side of how raiding evolved over the years from doing some damage and looting to pancaking deeds -> making people quit the game.
  2. +1 I sold my original account years ago (9-10 years) and literally two weeks later it was permabanned. Getting that name back would be awesome, and most older players still know me by it. (Shout out to all the OG wild playahs!) Most people seem to be afraid of abuse, but it's easy as hell for 'abusive' players to simply buy up old accounts now to hide with as it is now. You've proposed good counter-measures.
  3. That feel when you don't have a good reason to buy other than being the creator of the account.
  4. 95 QL Kyklops skull - 15s "The skull of a special animal can be a great trophy. It can not be improved." 84 QL Longsword - Human's demise, 82 Nimbleness, 82 Frostbrand - 30s 89 QL large metal shield - 5s Shoot me a PM or post in the thread.
  5. Horde of the Summoned has risen and looking for new blood to serve Libila. A group of experienced and original BL players has banded together to make BL great again. Joining us means you will get to be a part of building a kingdom up that most have written off for years. You’ll also get to experience the full spectrum of Chaos in a great environment. Be a part of the original black light kingdom with people who were there in the beginning. What We Provide The capital where you can build a house to call home Kingdom armor and weapons (Preferable that you have your own to start with) All the basic amenities are covered, you just need to bring yourself. That being said - there is an expectation that you to contribute to the kingdom to receive these benefits. Minimum Requirements 70 FS Use voice comms for PVP Submit an application: Chaos awaits.
  6. +1. Doesn't serve a purpose anymore and would help BL kingdoms out a lot.
  7. Still haven't forgotten when I died while digging (wonder if this bug is still around) and they basically told me to deal with it like it was my fault.
  8. I've been playing (with some big breaks) for 12 years.
  9. I like how this is your go to 'insult', it's cute.
  10. It was a great pleasure to take part in disbanding this kingdom.
  11. I'm curious what people want changed in the current system. Real time combat will never be a thing because of the technical limitations, and other games on the market do it better than Wurm could hope to.
  12. Fletching potion sent!
  13. 34 QL Fletching Potion and 31 QL Oil of the armour smith. 1.5s each / 3s for both . Feel free to message me in game.