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  1. Caffeine gains should have been disabled from the get go if a rework was in mind, making it another window of opportunity that new players will never have. A tiered system of skill gains like Hemz' suggested would have been a more simple fix that avoids this issue. Wurm needs to be more approachable for new players. Also, perplexing that shield bashing was taken off of caffeine bonus and still hasn't been fixed, just an extra nerf for funsies.
  2. Interesting, I thought it did spawn. I'll have to double check, but yeah it's been spread quite a bit with corrupt.
  3. Mycelium is not spreading in kingdom and Libila influence in our BL template PMK. A tower (Revengo 866) was built weeks ago with an altar and no mycelium has spawned. The only mycelium around our deed has been from the corrupt spell being cast.
  4. Potion seller, I require your strongest potion, for I am going into battle.
  5. 15s takes it, post here or feel free to PM me ingame.
  6. Eir

    I enjoyed playing with her and the DC crew back in the day. Even way after parting ways, it was always a good time talking to her. Rest in peace, Eir.
  7. Great event, had fun. Don't be shy to sign up for the next one!
  8. Sounds like a good time, let's do this. Team Name: Larry the Cable Guy Main Names: Fuel, Kabill Sub Names: Nay Team Leader: Revengo
  9. I'd say the non-intuitive way the skill system works is worse than the action failures themselves.
  10. 2004! Up your game, Rudie.