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  1. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Not currently playing, but have eyed coming back for a little bit. Here's my two cents as I've been playing off and on since 2004. Note: not suggesting the below necessarily happen as changes, just what I've enjoyed and seen over the years as a PVPer. The WL vs BL element of the game was a huge motivator and fun ecosystem that was wiped out by PMKs. It actually felt like you were part of a kingdom fighting in a greater cause. Resets actually made the game really fresh even though they were accidents. After playing with one group for a while, it was fun to switch sides and play with new people. Especially with the WL/BL choice. Skill stagnation of the late game - when the game was younger there was much more specialization and less accounts that could do everything. That's just a byproduct of the game being around so long (without resets), but it was actually fun seeking out people who were higher skilled to help you with a weapon or digging an impressive wall. Splitting the PVP population between Epic / Chaos - fragmenting an already smaller community in a niche game was never a great idea. Add to the fact that Epic did NOT deliver on what it was supposed to be, I quit playing there less than a month after it was released. You could also tie Wurm Unlimited into this point as fragmenting the community and damaging Wurm Online more than it helped. Inconsistent moderation - numerous exploits have popped up over the years and people who used them had huge advantages over non-exploiting players once they were patched. Only a few times do I remember skills being rolled back. Adding to this, a couple of years ago I died to a digging bug while on a raid and lost my res stone and hours involved getting my gear back and to the front line again - the moderation team told me tough deal. I've had good responses from GM's on issues too to be fair - but this one really pissed me off. Meditation is a pointless skill that only raises the barrier to new players getting involved and having fun with the game. It never added anything to the game except a power gap that left people waiting for months to compete with someone who already had SOTG. Tomes didn't add anything to the meta other than spell spam and an inherent advantage over anyone who wasn't spamming dispel on Continuum etc. I also feel like the price of a subscription is outdated for what it is (8 euro a month for 1 character) - this made more sense in the past than it does now. I like the PVP related changes (HOTA / towers) since I played last, but I'm not sure if Wurm will ever rebound in population without drastic changes.
  2. Great event, had fun. Don't be shy to sign up for the next one!
  3. Sounds like a good time, let's do this. Team Name: Larry the Cable Guy Main Names: Fuel, Kabill Sub Names: Nay Team Leader: Revengo
  4. Bringing a gasp of life back to Epic

    I'd say the non-intuitive way the skill system works is worse than the action failures themselves.
  5. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    2004! Up your game, Rudie.
  6. Patch Notes 26/APR/18

    Great changes. Thanks Devs!
  7. Time to support one PVP server

    Consolidating the PVP community into Chaos makes the most sense at this point given the state of Epic. This is the best shot of giving PVP developer focus.
  8. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    Your points aren't wrong - if people spotted you out in the wild you would be attacked 100% However, I will say that it's really unlikely you run into anyone. In my entire time of leveling my fight skill (so purely hunting and not looking for fights), I can only remember getting one 'enemy' in local and I went and killed them. As long as you stick to your own kingdom's territory, you'll be fine almost all the time. In regards to sailing it would be REALLY unlikely that you run into people already in a boat. Most people will NOT respond quickly if you were to hit local because they aren't fast enough OR they think you are baiting for a trap. Paying attention to a map of settlements while sailing and avoiding coastal settlements is always a good course of action. Chaos is not about solo play and never will be. The group aspect of it is what makes it fun and gives the game purpose - to anyone on the fence about PVP, take a look at the kingdoms out there and join one that will align with your playstyle the best. I think most people would be surprised how welcoming Chaos is, despite how loud we can be on the forums sometimes.
  9. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    We're riding this ###### off the cliff! CHOO CHOO!
  10. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    But really, you should try it before you knock it.
  11. Gotta disagree with you that they were never a meta - before PTO showed people that shields were OP (there was no limit on block rate IIRC), longswords were the standard. Anyways, back in ye olde days (Pre fight fix) I used dual large axes for the massive damage - however the parry rate was trash and i paid the price more than a few times! It would be cool to see dual wielding be made somewhat viable again. As mentioned previously in the topic, with the popularity of archery and 1h + shield these days it wouldn't be nearly as powerful as it used to be.
  12. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    I mean yeah, the combat itself isn't what makes it special. It's essentially a 3d MUD - what you're missing is everything that goes into it: Tracking enemy players down, setting traps / evading them, making calls that can be the difference between victory and defeat etc. Combat is intense and everyone makes mistakes. In most if not all PVP videos you are missing the setup to the PVP and just seeing the action unfold, which isn't all that exciting in most cases when you weren't there to experience it.
  13. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    About tree fiddy.
  14. How do you refresh your Wurm experience?

    I take long breaks from the game (anywhere from three to nine months) and even when I'm playing I usually switch up what skills I'm working on to keep things interesting.
  15. Made a trade with VirusMD, easy to deal with and mailed the items much faster than my mailbox sent mine! Highly recommended.