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  1. Rares go for 15s supreme pick axes are way higher, many years ago i paid 45s for mine.
  2. missed the coloring of the boat tunnel i was reporting disreguard thx
  3. Having Sever lag, 5-30 seconds to examine the ground. All other websites load and function properly except Wurm Online. Sometimes the game just stops working altogether. Anyone else having these problems? It is not my computer or internet connection, wife is having same issues.
  4. I totally agree, those days you did not have 15 extra picks laying around, you loved your pick because it was HARD to make one. Although its fun to hoard and gather stuff it means less when it is easy . I just filled my inventory with gear and logged off to play another game for a while until I see what direction Wurm takes. No more premium payments, no more silver buying no more cash flow until things get fixed. I have put many thousands of dollars into Wurms pockets and I am waiting to see improvement or I will be following many others out the door.
  5. All posts to this point have been pulled, renamed and awaiting pickup. List has been updated to reflect purchases.
  6. 25 was sold already if you want another color please post again thx
  7. Nikko sorry number 85 is posted as taken by MrJohnnyboy. the other two are yours
  8. We are currently at deed and filling orders if people want to sail here tonight for pickup, you can also send Subie or myself a pm for coordinated pick ups
  9. Time for a break to play something else.
  10. 60-70 points for 10K at your level, rough guess dont hold me to exact numbers.
  11. I came back to chaos in a leather set and grabbed a horse i found at a downed deed to ride around and see what has happened since Tc left. I saw a few alts run by a few times <must have been you too>. I stayed for a few hours riding around and checking things out. I found a battle camp at the old HOM desert and capped it, was in the process of looting it when you showed up and killed me, Fair play I am not SOTG anymore I am path of knowledge and I am not a priest. Mad? not at all, Out played me? Serously I could care less about you or chaos, thats why I did not bring good gear or any friends. Subie and whomever might have been with me? She was on Deli. It was just me, only me which you knew because of your alts running around and the population being me and you lol. Logging off alts at battlecamps so they can log on one at a time to cap or recap them with no worry about loss is what people started this thread about. A very sad life you live. Good to see WU disbanded though, good job
  12. One of those moments that everyone playing Wurm can help advertise for free to people who want but have no idea what Wurm has to offer. Vote today
  13. sold

    not worth 250e give it away
  14. We could do the archery contest after the Storage thingy? I am not sure how complicated the archery contest would be or how long it would take. Seems like a great turnout for the Storage Wurm would have people there for the Archery contest also? If it is too much I understand, not sure how many folks are willing to help out or how many signed up to compete.
  15. Thx for the update on the Storage Wurms event, any idea if it will be today or much later? I did not want to miss it.