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  1. WTS Silver coins

    Fast, efficient and reliable, 2 thumbs up thx Cheef!
  2. im good with the butchering knife, you can have the sickle for 14 unless there are more bids
  3. Panfilling

    +1 Could not ask for better service. Communication was great. Waiting on the Bakery to open next
  4. Devblog: The Rest of 2019

    Looking forward to harder content and grouping up , I also like it )
  5. Ballistae broken

    I appreciate the response if totally misguided. You obviously do not live on a pvp server so referring to thievery skill , lock picking skill , 8 catapult skill? The revamp missed a few things in the way Ballistae should work if you are referring to how the trajectory should work and how it is coded in Wurm. The thing i was missing was the 1 crank=1 tile formula instead of what the game reports as firing distance. Broken and confusing but workable like most things in Wurm. Thank you Shydow for that info i will try it again and see what i can make use of. No need to move this to a suggestion thread since it need a bit of attention, like proper distance reporting. Also 70 damage per shot is a bit much since all other ammo shot from a war machine takes 20ish.
  6. Ballistae broken

    Any chance the Ballistae can be fixed? It says fires like a catapult, lowering the angle shots farther, the darts take 50-75 damage fired once, the messages you get befor firing - say will fire 2 tiles at this angle and they shoot over 20. No skill for firing the machine and good luck hitting anything with it. Totally useless machine, but a good concept. It needs fixed - revamped.
  7. Crashes on Chaos

    Not a location specific issue, Crashed on deed, off deed, 10 locals from deed, was online for an hour or more then suddenly crashed multiple times in a row. I returned to Legacy setting and i was able to ride home and log off. Wife has same problems.
  8. Dead spot in UI It is on the main monitor out of the 2, i changed main monitor to the off hand monitor i use less. There is a spot on the screen where you mouse over stuff like a iron vein, and the words/ mouse disappears totally, but only on the one monitor set to main.
  9. Dead spot in UI

    did not work for me, the dead area is only 3 inches square middle right side of the UI, turned that area off, still no help. I have been running dual monitors for months in windowed mode so i can easily move from screen to screen, this issue just came up. I was not sure if an update in wurm or soemthing else might be causing it. My second monitor does not have this problem.
  10. Dead spot in UI

    Just started happening for me, no changes to my UI etc. There is a dead spot in my UI on the right hand side half way up the screen. I will use a bucket of water as an example but it does this for everything in that area. I right click the water inside the bucket and the right click menu pops up and I mouse over the options. Only the Examine, no target drop prices and emote work, the center ones taste eat and rename do not highlight and cannot be used. If I expand say a back pack above the bucket, moving the bucket lower in the window , everything works fine and what ever is in the "dead spot" in the UI now does not have a functioning UI. Moving the inventory window a few inches to the left everything works normally. I opened the HUD checked to make sure there were no other windows under that area that maybe invisibly messing with the inventory window, nothing. Anything in the offending UI area has no right click functionality. Anyone else having this issue or have a fix for it?
  11. WTB Dirt - 10 knarr loads.

    Order filled Thank you to everyone for the pms and supplies.
  12. Do you like the new fishing system?

    So much for fishing for ingredients, i guess I will stick to banger n mash instead of pizzas. Fished for an hour and caught nothing. Not impressed, not an improvement. Spear fished and damaged my good spear .10 in one use. Guess I will wait for it to be changed or forget fishing all together.