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  1. WTB Dirt - 10 knarr loads.

    Order filled Thank you to everyone for the pms and supplies.
  2. Do you like the new fishing system?

    So much for fishing for ingredients, i guess I will stick to banger n mash instead of pizzas. Fished for an hour and caught nothing. Not impressed, not an improvement. Spear fished and damaged my good spear .10 in one use. Guess I will wait for it to be changed or forget fishing all together.
  3. WTB Dirt - 10 knarr loads.

    7 more knarrs needed.
  4. WTB Dirt - 10 knarr loads.

    title says it all, I am looking to purchase 10 knarr loads of dirt. Bulk price I have been paying is 8s per knarr load of 43 large crates. I have mty crates for exchange. I can pay in silver or paypal. Pm ingame Theshawv, pm here or leave a post. Fastest response will be ingame.
  5. New Server Hunting Only

    Alot of good ideas, not many dev comments or counter ideas. Any chance of a comment by someone in power?
  6. glass

    still a +1 , maybe a use for all my crap sandstone veins?
  7. Dirt to Stone Wand or Orb

    Of course turning a 300 slope dirt wall into a 300 slope, unminable rock wall around a deed would be exploited too. Max dirt is 300 on chaos, max mining 100.
  8. Improve the Battle Rank System!

    +1 decay needs removed
  9. Fix Maker Names

    +1 for those of us that like to collect items from Duce, Tich, and many other beloved members of the Wurm community. We just found a large metal shield made by Duce last week, it was highly sought after and we would hate to see Wurm history erased unless there is a real reason for it. If you want your maker name on an item, then make it yourself.
  10. I was recruited from Deli after 6 years as a freedomer. I truely hated the idea of pvp and was dragged to Chaos to help with building projects. Once on Chaos I realized that the pvp was nothing like i imagined. There is alot of downtime where we do the same things as I did on Deli but add the dimension of real grouping up for deffending a deed from attack or rescuing a friend who got chased and trapped somewhere. I stayed and joined TC, I found a home with friends. I have traveled back to Deli and other servers and I find that I never realized that I was missing so much that Chaos had to offer. On Deli if my neighbor pissed me off I had to stew and could do nothing about it, on Chaos I can kill him if needed. This sounds bad, but it makes for Much nicer neighbors Inquire and be amazed at whats out there.
  11. Karma spell True Strike

    Missions = karma, sitting on deed= boredom. We shall see in the future how the priest and meditation changes actually effect pvp. Also nice to see other kingdoms moving beyond deed perimeters and taking the fight out into the field sometimes. <Panda> Truestrike and other karma spells have their uses, but these can be overcome easily by planning ahead and having friends along. Bad choices in the heat of battle are what get people killed most times, not always. Watch some of the videos posted of a few of the recent pvp battles on Hota and listen to the coms on some of them. Truestrike is great IF you have time to cast it and do not get dispelled. Having a cooldown for it being used multiple times against the same character in a certain amount of time sounds reasonable but that decision will be made by the Devs. Myself I am waiting on the priest/ med changes befor I advocate for more changes to the sorc system.
  12. New Server Hunting Only

    Then if you are not against the server idea, but would like areas where mobs are numerous, still needing maybe 2 or 3 people with less skill to tackle? Maybe islands where easier mobs are found so that people starting out could take a sailboat of friends and hunt for the day and work their skills upwards to catch=up per say to the top heavy crowd that have been playing for 10 years? Sounds like a possible add to the suggestions. Variety in skill levels and mob types?
  13. New Server Hunting Only

    Some PvE people might just meet a few PvP people and realize that its not as bad on a PvP server as they have been led to believe. Or maybe make some new friends, have adventures instead of sitting on deed making mortar and bricks <non needed on this server - no building anything> I do like the one or maybe 2 safe docking spots with guards and maybe a public trader and a mail box incase you forgot extra weapons or horse gear. Better have a sea wall of sorts with a gate on it to keep all those agressive sea creatures at bay also, you may need help battling your way off the server too. Since there are no buildings, fences etc, you will be riding local 4 legged critters. Best bring your own gear and tools it is going to be a rough day.