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  1. Toolbelt hit box off when set verticle, I try to activate slot 9 and it activates slot 8, seems to work ok set horizontally Combat window, shield bash needs some kind of indicator when its rdy to use again Special moves MIA Chat tabs and skill timers colors need reverted back so you can actually tell when they are rdy Mouse over items Id needs to be removed or have an option to remove. unneeded and a real pain all day long Chat tabs need red flash returned so you can see when there is activity Combat range looks childish, no easy way to tell now when your too far away, yes im old I can not see it When your fighting a harder creature it used to show white lines left right up down when you attacked it to let you know you could not target that area.
  2. Same problem with lock picking a chest, lock disappeared when i picked it, but once i dropped the lock into a pile of dirt and picked it back up, attached it to the same chest and picked it again, it now works fine and I can see it everytime.
  3. Don't forget all the special moves missing on the attack window also.
  4. Also the tool belt items do not line up properly, the last item in my tool belt i can not select at all . I try to click on slot 3 and slot 2 activates. It seems the spacing between icons is off, the farther down the toolbar i go the more it misses the tool when i click on it Edit> It seems this happens only when the toolbelt is set vertically.
  5. yes when you open a back pack or quiver in its own window.
  6. Thx that helps with 2 of them
  7. 1) when selecting multiple items in a stack it does not tell you how many you have selected 2) Combat window = a) Bashing - very hard to tell when you can bash or try to bash again need color changes on button b) Pictures on the combat window take up too much room, need an option to remove c) No special moves d) Can not tell which or even if you can change stance to hit high/low etc buttons stay same color , no indicator 3) menu bar is gone, with out a hotkey the inventory/ skills and other highly needed windows are harder to access 4) Font and window sizes are not customizable enuff, too big and get in the way. 5) Highlight of health bars etc over animals are very annoying , please make an option to remove 6) halo around the names of Everything needs an option to change/remove 7) option to disembark or other actions need an option to return to right click so it stops cluttering up the screen. 8 ) Toolbelt does not hold items/ save items correctly, also hard to click on the last item in the toolbelt, misclicks to another item Please add anything else you may have encountered,
  8. Dont feel bad, been 3 1/2 hrs and i can not log in period, total screw up with steam release. go play something else until they fix this mess.
  9. 2 1/2 hrs after launch and I still can not connect to a new server, an old server or anything. Who thought leaving the bottle neck of a single log in server for both Steam and the old cluster to log into the old server cluster was a great idea knowing all the new people would have to go thru it also?
  10. Epic Fail

    They knew there would be an influx of people plus the normal crew logging in and they resurected Golden Valley with no clue how it would work under stress, now the majority of people can not log on even to the old servers. Also forcing the new UI onto people, it is Horrible clunky and totally ugly. No way to get rid of most of the new junk they added which means less room to actually see the world. Not impressed and not happy at all 1 1/2 hrs into launch.
  11. Network error: <connection refused: connect>
  12. Rares go for 15s supreme pick axes are way higher, many years ago i paid 45s for mine.
  13. missed the coloring of the boat tunnel i was reporting disreguard thx
  14. Having Sever lag, 5-30 seconds to examine the ground. All other websites load and function properly except Wurm Online. Sometimes the game just stops working altogether. Anyone else having these problems? It is not my computer or internet connection, wife is having same issues.
  15. I totally agree, those days you did not have 15 extra picks laying around, you loved your pick because it was HARD to make one. Although its fun to hoard and gather stuff it means less when it is easy . I just filled my inventory with gear and logged off to play another game for a while until I see what direction Wurm takes. No more premium payments, no more silver buying no more cash flow until things get fixed. I have put many thousands of dollars into Wurms pockets and I am waiting to see improvement or I will be following many others out the door.