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  1. Dirt to Stone Wand or Orb

    It could borrow some of the Wand of Seas functionality perhaps?
  2. [Bug] Rift Reward Bug, Seryll Lump interaction

    If you aren't going to bother to fix this at least add a warning when attempting to BSB moonmetals. It is completely senseless to have such a heavy handed deterrent and not even have an obvious warning for it anywhere. NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO DIG THROUGH THE FORUMS TO FIGURE OUT IF THEY CAN PUT SOMETHING IN A BOX OR NOT.
  3. Woad Planters

    I don't want to get into it.
  4. Valrei International 036

    Sharpen your axes, folks, the great arborcide is nigh...
  5. Reward people who don't spam by buying their services when you see them... even if they cost a little more. There are good chances that that type will need the money... unlike the whale, spammer, priest-purchasing merchants anyway...
  6. close pls Supreme Great Helm

    Normally auctions are a week long at most. Sorry about the rudeness shown already. But of course the length is entirely up to you.
  7. Animals crossing server borders

    I'd like to see a detailed analysis of the implications of this change. Most of what I've seen thus far is rosy-tinted glasses stuff.
  8. PC Character

    I see you have 63 in meditating but you have not given any information about your path; that would help with pricing. You might want to mention any warnings given from GM's, prem time, and any other pertinent information.
  9. Add slope limit to NPC movement.

    Sorry... it sounds like it should be a good idea... The game already has enough problems with mobs pooling in corners near water. -1
  10. Yellow potions

    Regardless, they are used as incentives. Haven't you ever gotten one of those "Plus you'll get a 99 ql yellow potion, those are fun!" e-mails? You seem to be responding to both suggestions at once. Mine wouldn't remove the vanity aspect.
  11. Yellow potions

    So you'd get rid of the graphical stuff? Why? I'd like it if we could turn them into "everlasting potions" by combining large amounts of them in a cauldron (the number needed going down with the ql of the potions added). What it would turn you into should be fixed after the combine, so you could have an "Everlasting Barrel Potion" The everlasting variety could have something like a 72 hour cool-down between uses. This would add more value to yellow potions, and I think we'd see people actually transform a lot more often. The main problem I can foresee is that yellow potions are used as incentives for staying premium... and that incentive would partially go away if someone had an everlasting one.
  12. Plantable crops in mines

    +1 to mushrooms As for animals... bsb/fsb-like items that allow animals to eat out of them (mangers) would also be acceptable
  13. Improvements to Discard

    +1 5. Allow us to discard more things, such as scrap, clay, etc.