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  1. Oh wow, speak for yourself. Supportive irony missed, scare quotes quite obvious.
  2. What do you mean buy them? All of us "Elite Players Who Are Better Than You" already got our free transfers. Off with you.
  3. This reasoning would only make sense if alts weren't allowed... but even then putting road blocks does little. Preventing honest players from changing a poorly conceived name does not stop griefers/exploiters/whatever from making alts through alternate e-mails, proxies, and other more sophisticated subversive methods.
  4. Thanks everyone for your input thus far. Some great stuff here. I don't think it really matters what I think about your ideas and observations, but it is nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks about such matters. I almost always love what Keenan posts. He's rational, fair, and has good judgement. It seems like the following quote of his pertinent to the this question: "Using overly-inclusive terms, is it ever possible for this system to become a "hide behind the ambiguity of the system" method of low-intensity harassment?" Keenan Wrote: Responding to: "There's a history of people who read the rules and find loopholes to abuse. Not to make a joke of this, but I know a few "Wurmian Lawyers" out there. They make work out of interpreting the letter of the rules here and even sometimes dictate their interpretations back at the team." Isn't this precisely why the staff should sit down and define the rules more clearly? Removing as much ambiguity as possible will stop this from happening. Even GM's can't always agree on what the rules mean. When this happens, I can't see anything good coming out of it. Thanks again and keep it rolling.
  5. Disclaimer: Any perceived similarity to past or present administrative action or in game event is strictly coincidental. This post is not in reply to one, or any incidents, but a response to general confusion pertaining the topic contained herein. If you have any misgivings about the subject at hand for whatever reason, please leave now. In addition, this is not the place for discussing/challenging any specific GM rulings ongoing or otherwise, of any kind. This is insufficient. Please find my list below. If there are any responses to these questions already, please do share them, but it would be nice if they could be all together here in one spot. Player opinions are welcome, especially links to similar discussions, but I'd mainly appreciate any insight by staff members. Please do not get off topic. Thorough moderation here would be great if possible. No personal attacks against anyone please. Questions: An active highway can be a stretch of road that goes between two waystones and connects nothing. Or... is that true? Is that an active highway? Can an active highway merely be some bricks on the ground with green lights and waystones over a few tiles? Is "green light" the same as "active"? What if the highway is a needless circuit, or a redundant route? Does it have to be actively used (traveled upon) to be an "active" highway? Does that matter at all? (If it must be actively used, how can you prove that it isn't being used?) In short: Which green lights are protected and which are not? (It's possible that they could all be). Looking at it from another perspective: Is there such a thing as an unacceptable highway, even if it is technically "valid"? What are some examples of unacceptable highways if they do exist? Was the intent of the catseye system to embolden players to make their own changes on the transportation system? Using overly-inclusive terms, is it ever possible for this system to become a "hide behind the ambiguity of the system" method of low-intensity harassment? How do you prevent highways from becoming a form of pseudo-ownership by highway builders? They are even marked by the builder, and the builder gets to decide where they go with no requirement to speak to anyone who lives nearby (no matter how far the builder came to build it.) Do they exist to preserve access to certain areas, even if there are no deeds on the highway there? What if access isn't lost when the catseyes are gone? If something is to be preserved at all costs, why allow removal at all? Why put such power in the hands of the players if it is so important? That's it for now. Like I said, please do add to or provide links. Player opinions matter, but what the staff actually wants is the most important... That way everyone can change their surroundings as they see fit without fear. No rush, and no quick answers expected. Whatever you guys want to share will be most appreciated. Thank you very much for your time, Drvst
  6. It could borrow some of the Wand of Seas functionality perhaps?
  7. If you aren't going to bother to fix this at least add a warning when attempting to BSB moonmetals. It is completely senseless to have such a heavy handed deterrent and not even have an obvious warning for it anywhere. NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO DIG THROUGH THE FORUMS TO FIGURE OUT IF THEY CAN PUT SOMETHING IN A BOX OR NOT.
  8. I don't want to get into it.
  9. Reward people who don't spam by buying their services when you see them... even if they cost a little more. There are good chances that that type will need the money... unlike the whale, spammer, priest-purchasing merchants anyway...
  10. Normally auctions are a week long at most. Sorry about the rudeness shown already. But of course the length is entirely up to you.
  11. I'd like to see a detailed analysis of the implications of this change. Most of what I've seen thus far is rosy-tinted glasses stuff.
  12. I see you have 63 in meditating but you have not given any information about your path; that would help with pricing. You might want to mention any warnings given from GM's, prem time, and any other pertinent information.