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  1. Methinks we have a time-traveler in our midst!
  2. I love this!
  3. I tried it. It's not for me. Bah.
  4. +1 yes yes yes! What's more, they are already present for mines (secret base rock doors of DOOOOOMMMM), so why not houses?
  5. Good point. I suppose a pottery bowl might also be acceptable? Thanks!
  6. A bandage that applies quickly and goes back to your inventory as a "dirty bandage" after the wound has healed? (lacking space it would fall to the floor) If they were made exempt from burning up (most cloth burns), it should be possible to "boil" them in a cauldron with water to return them to normal.
  7. You didn't explain that. It took me poking you to give even a needlessly rude response. I was trying to get at what you wanted, because such changes can be modded into WU. In which case, you are posting on the wrong forum. As for this coming into WO: -1 The current system seems to work very well to me. PS: You attempting to establish your WO cred based on silver in your bank is cute.
  8. Bringing Christian iconography into Wurm... not to mention the crusades and all the baggage it entails... Totally appropriate. ROFL
  9. Why are you worried about griefing on your WU server? I'm confused. Don't you play WU?
  10. https://conanexiles.com/ Conan Exiles looks potentially promising.
  11. NPC Lib followers "invading" freedom from new camps and lairs, perhaps? They could build those colossi that people have been wanting, with potential dire consequences. +1, more monster options, variety is the spice of life.
  12. Gluten free options! My avatar has an intolerance! +1
  13. More books! Put the Wurmologists to work!
  14. I'm not as familiar with WU as I used to be, but can't this simply be modded in?