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  1. grooming brush, cedarwood (c51) CoD to Magnata please. Withdraw my offer cuz this guy seens to not respond anyone more.
  2. The game freezes for few seconds always there, i tryed in different computers and the same happened.
  3. Not receiving, almost 1 hours of waiting =/
  4. close

    Hatchet 81ql CoC-72 WoA-62 Saw 81ql CoC-64 WoA-73 Trowel 81ql CoC-79 WoA-61 CoD Magnata please.
  5. hull planks are not mailable? I've a rare one but i'm from exodus =/
  6. WTB 40 SP

    What server? Do you want it delivered? Just let us informed. =)
  7. selling 7 sleep powders 1,5s each (free deliver), msg me on forum if interested, thanks!
  8. Close plz

    How much are u paying for 1k?
  9. I don't know what exactly happened, i was playing normally and after a logout the game stopped. I've uninstalled all java and wurm and installed again as it not workded, so i used the wurmclient avaible at website to start the game, seens to work fine.
  10. Click on play, loading screen appears, after that game crashes. i got this error log: Already tryed the common issues and nothing solved. (
  11. Exodus Deed Map

    Hello! We moved from Celebration and are now located at (y 15 x 47) Plains of Steel. Thanks!
  12. Are you looking for 1k only or more? How can i contact u in-game? msg magnata, i'm from exodus and maybe can help you!