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  1. Community Assistant

    Jeez, this literally has 'nothing' to do with Chaos. I did relog and popped out the house but my horse was in side. I openned communication but he then went off line. That's why I started this thread, bad judgement, possibly. Sorry, but Niki, your right Ill take any titles with a pinch of salt from now on. This thread can be closed.
  2. Community Assistant

    @Joellewhen I arrived the building was open. I sit eating dougnuts and drinking wine while I watch local - event starts I go to leave and the building is now locked. I pm'd him, he said it wasn't - (which it is) and still is now. And he never bothered to get back to , just logged out.
  3. Community Assistant

    OK, take your chaos element out of it, you're just embarassing yourself. Rifts are not CA events no, but to have something set up, and then casue an issue with it, by locking players in. A CA is there to help the community? Where's the play nice or rip your heart out play in this. Or beacasue he's CA he's untouchable, I'm not sure about your aproach. Clearly you have a thumb in his pie or you wouldn't get so defensive,
  4. Community Assistant

    Never had an issue with Nadroj, CA or Not. What I did do though was contact him via the forums first, but he made no attempt to unlock the buildings, therefore please take any kingdom/pvp nonsence out of this thread. I wasn't aware Nadroj played on Chaos. My one and only point and issue is that someone with the CA title, id expect more community assistance...
  5. Community Assistant

    That's all very well, but when you have your horse stuck in there. More to the point a community assistant should be advocating fair play and workign with the community. Not causing problems and logging off even though he/she is aware of the issue.
  6. Community Assistant

    So I went to join in the fun on Exodus, and waiting in one of Nadroj's rift buildings while we all wait for it to start and he locks the damn doors. I dislike waiting up until gone 6am to play and then have my game play ruined by a community assistant. Thanks
  7. WTB: Valrei

    Bump I know theres a couple out there
  8. Source Liquid

    Nice amount bought already - still buying BUMP!
  9. Source Liquid

    I will be buy all source liquid available. Source crystals also accepted. Paying 2s/1000 Karma. You can get to me here or via PM. Thanks
  10. WTB: Valrei

    Bump - Blue tome obtained
  11. Surely someone is selling
  12. WTB: Valrei

    Don't be shy Bump!
  13. Looking for the best Deal around euros>silver. Please let me know here or simply PM. Thanks