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  1. Leveling

    Too many times when trying to make a road or hillside look pretty, "You hit a rock in the corner". I think that there should be another way, aside from digging every other corner down to rock -- which can be 100+ down -- to level a tile with rock to flattness.
  2. Gender Swap, Is There Any Hope?

    TBH I think it should be built into the mirror that you get at the beginning.
  3. Obsidia Blessing Services

  4. Pristine Community Map (9/9/16)

    Obsidia Landing is taking over the Waterdeep area, though Niki has the Waterdeep deed still. I am in the same area, just next to her, bumping perimeters.
  5. Obsidia Blessing Services

    I am offering lamp blessing services at 5c/lamp if you bring them/mail them to me (M8 (The former Waterdeep Area) on Pristine) or 10c/lamp if I have to travel to you! For those of you unaware, due to one of the new updates, blessing a lamp offdeed now allows it to light and snuff on its own as one ondeed would... with no fuel needed aside from the first lighting! So long as the lamp itself is on paved ground (corner tile included if planted from a paved tile) or reinforced cave tile. You can contact me ingame at Aikainnet, or Plutus or right here on the forums! I will not travel to Chaos and I will not travel for less than 3s for xana, unless coastal deed. Coastal blessing will travel for at least 1s
  6. Lock Timers

    maybe speed up on pve servers, but keep it what it is for pvp servers.
  7. can be closed

    2s for the chain gauntlet
  8. SOLD

  9. SOLD

  10. WTS Yule Reindeer 2s

  11. WTS Yule Reindeer 2s

  12. SOLD

  13. SOLD

  14. WTS Yule Reindeer 2s

  15. WTS Yule Reindeer 2s