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  1. Thank you. When I tried launching the client 16 hours after my last post, the client was update. I guess the ISP updated the "lookup servers."
  2. I just downloaded wurmclient.jlnp(1) and executed the file, but it immediately launched the client. I tried deleting the current WO directory, and running the new file again. It asked me for a directory to install it, so I picked the one I had. The client launched, but the update failed again. Unfortunately, I don't know if I actually did a fresh install. I can't find an uninstall executable for WO, and it's not listed in Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features. I looked around, and found that I can completely remove WO by going to Control Panel\Programs\Java\General and viewing Temporary Files. I deleted the WO application in that window. And then, I deleted the WO directory again, and tried relaunching the application. Well, the update failed yet again and the new client still remembered my most recent username. Apparently there is a wurmpedia page on uninstalling the client, but none of the wurmpedia webpages are available atm.
  3. I have never edited the HOST file, but thank you. I guess I have to wait for Comcast Cable to update their lookup servers...
  4. I am unable to update the client, so I can log in. I tried checking the optional packs, but this error still occurred. Does anyone know how I can resolve this? I already tried rebooting my pc and resetting my router, but I don't know what else I can do now.
  5. rope tool (oak), 91BOTD: 2s 55c shovel, 83BOTD: 1s 51c hatchet, 84BOTD: 1s 53c rake, 90+ BOTD: 3s (94 BOTD prefered) chisel, 90+ BOTD: 3s (94 BOTD prefered) To Lazaro please!
  6. Advertizing your Youtube channel, eh? I agree with you that WO is preferable to WU. And, a big reason why WO is probably not going to disappear anytime soon is b/c it's a business. Every business has its ups and downs. All that matters from the business perspective is that there is a paying client base, which there is albeit a small one. Also, you talk at length in an inconsequential way; aka you ramble. I prefer a 5 minute video that is to the point than a half hour one that is blathering about the subject; if that is even communicated clearly to the audience.
  7. grooming brush, oakenwood, 16 ql, 83 coc, 1 s Mail to Lazaro on Xanadu. Love the free mailing sale; you're the best!