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  1. Do you found buyer? If not I will be interested.
  2. I'd like to sell 2x Sleep Powder (1s per bag). I can deliver to buyer on Xanadu, my actual location i11.
  3. I had send you Shrimpiie few days ago COD with lots of rare iron lumps. Do you recive it?
  4. SOLD

    I'd like to sell 2x sleep powder for 1 silver per bag. I can deliver it to buyer on Xanadu.
  5. Topic changed into Xanadu server soundtrack. Great!
  6. Today I found some song of person who is totally unkown in my country. But what interest me is name of song she sing. Do you think that server name came from it? Below link to the song, happy building! >
  7. Sorry for offtopic, but I was wonder if all Yule Goat name of creator is "Blackless"? Because I found one few weeks ago and I was wonder if its some name from player who drop it or game master?
  8. Game will be more interesting if will be total alt-character prohibition. Why? Because alting help to much in gameplay, other way nobody will waste time for them. Alt-characters destroy whole cooperaiton fun in most games, Making from one player army of characters to diffrent tasks. Imagine world without alt-characters, one player = one character.. Dream.
  9. Look AWSOME!!! Izometric is always AWSOME!!! Max tier can be kill by 3-4 low tier guys so there is no problem at all. There is no heavy lvl diffrence like in WoW that 3-4x 20lvls cant kill dude with max lvl. Edit: In safe zone you can collect T4 materials from maximum tier 8 in game. T4 can be transmutated into T5 in special building. And if you are enough patience you can even get T6 without moving to PvP zone. But all this is addicional cost ofc.
  10. Addicted Wurmians! But its great to see people dedicated to something. For me Wurm is not enough "action game" even on PvP server. And bit laggy on my old PC. I don't mention earlier about Albion Online that this game work on any platform: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, on PC and tablets or even smartphones. So you can be in game any place you want and keep your progress on same server. Ofc PvP on small screen is bad idea, but its enough to keep crafting and material collecting on.
  11. Depend what you expect. There are safe zones, but material max tier there is only IV. For more precious one like V to VIII you need to go to PvP zones. Maybe full loot sound scary, but "hamstering" tons of armors and weapons don't sound to exciting also. Anyway I don't say that Albion Online is best of best, because player need is diffrent for every person. For me this game remid me times of Ultima Online and my teenage times, now Im old gamer with tons of real job and life - so this game will be propably my last thing where I stay playing from time to time. I always want to be part of some "game creation" but I never fit in time, like I was to young for UO testing when first versions start up.
  12. Greetings Wurm community! I use search, but I dont found here any info about incoming new game Albion Online. If someone like to read more about it is most welcome. I don't want to be rude by presenting other game here, but most of people here have heart for crafting and creating and this is part of AO to. AO for me look like mix of Ultima Online, EVE Online, Runescape and sometimes like Warcraft III (by resources collecting and building way) and League of Legends (during GvG fights for land). More info: - full loot; - no NPC shops, all must be sold via auction house to other players; - currency drop from humanoids, less killed zone = more silver, so people must travel across the map to find less used dungons and not repeating only the one; - no instance dungons, during your ride on back can jump hordes of other players; - GvG fights for land in 5vs5 and 20vs20; - also open PvP zones; - renting lands, own islands to build with what you want; - sharing your workshops to other for cash in RTS style; - NPC crafting limited to tier 3 from 8 posible in game. Rest must be build and manage by players; - farming food and herding animals; - food transports required to upkeep your buildings and guild zones, result also caravan attacks; - you are what you wear, no limits you can mix fighter and mage stuff, or play one day mage, other day tank, other day rogue if you like; - no character limits, in this game you can be all in one, you need only unlock your way on destiny board; - no exp/leveling mechanic, you do crafting, you are better crafter, you fight, you are better fighter and this include speciality like separate swords advance from axes for example; - on final release will be F2P! Like last point suggest, game will be totally free 2 play on final release. You can buy premium currency for regular currency via players without problem. Because silver is required to operate on auction house and people must transfer premium for regular currency. Game will propably show up with final release at end of 2015. But now is during alpha test, in May we see another alpha. And later closed, and open beta. Access to game during alpha require buy of legendary or epic founder pack, access to closed beta require veteran pack only. Feel free to use banner below and msg me on AO forum if you decided to join thanks to my post here. Dobrutro Dunin there, and I can say that Im quite veteran after already earlier two tests in 2014 so I could help some. Regards!
  13. I dont want to hurt anyone feelings, but this look ugly. Mostly because this monuments.