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  1. I wouldn't worry about body str unless you're planning on pvping, even then, the FS is far more important. Just let your str raise naturally with crafting and hunting.
  2. halberd cod to aesir plz, if it cant be cod then nvm
  3. the only lecture you'll get here is a drunken rant
  4. Buying all of these, at any Xanadu starter town or delivered to L25. Paying 1s each
  5. We'll take that cooked meat. Any chance we could meet west xanadu. I come from east xan so quite a sail. Ill come the whole way though if needed
  6. Ill give you 25s for them. Message me if interested
  7. This is a good change... if it was done 5 years ago. Gains were too high, however even with a 60% nerf it is still 4x better gains then any crafting skill. So im on the fence.
  8. I think anybody who'd be interested in this understands how it works hehe. Thanks for the input though
  9. Yeah, 22.5k for a random priest, but for fo it is 45k favor