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  1. This is awesome, thank you! I periodically disappear from the game for months at a time - I'm happy to keep my deed's upkeep high to prevent general decay, but decoration decay was something I always had to login every month or so to address. Glad to see this "chore" is no longer needed.
  2. WTS Items

    77coc rake CoD to Edmazur also please.
  3. WTS Items

    CoD to Edmazur please: 72coc carving knife 90coc pickaxe (or 89coc if that's gone)
  4. Thanks for the speedy trade!
  5. It does look like the end time was extended (maybe for sniper protection?), but I don't think you had won the auction. I had setup a reminder for myself a day or two ago to bid close to when this was ending. I did so, and made sure to re-bid after you within the 2 hour sniper protection. In any case, I guess I have the high bid right now with 7s.
  6. Thanks, I hadn't thought of that. I guess it will make the ceiling uneven, but that seems preferable to the ground being uneven.
  7. I'm mining a 3 wide tunnel that slopes down. I hit iron on the rightmost set of tiles though: I can get to the rock behind the iron to mine it out from the side: But my assumption is that if I face that rock and mine down (or even forward), it would not do what I want. If/when I get around to clearing out the iron vein, I'd like the 3 wide tunnel to consistently slope down. I haven't done a great deal of mining, so I have to assume I'm overlooking something because it seems like a problem that anyone that's mined a sloped tunnel of any reasonable length will eventually run into. Let me know if I didn't explain this well enough and I can try again.
  8. Very sad to hear. Rest in peace, Oracle.
  9. Nevermind, I ended up traveling to FM and purchased off your merchant (a longsword instead too).
  10. 92.19ql huge age with N85 LT80 C84 for 9.5s to Edmazur please.
  11. Thanks for confirming. That does indeed sound like a very painful lesson. :\
  12. I verified for myself that you indeed cannot drop dirt under a bridge: However, I was able to start digging in the same spot: Based on the observation about not being able to drop dirt, it seems this would have been irreversible (modulo destroying the bridge), so I quickly canceled: Would that dig action have successfully completed?
  13. Can you clarify this point? If I'm doing something monotonous like mining, I'll often queue up 5 actions and then walk away from the computer for a minute or two to do other stuff around the apartment. If a GM checks on me during this time, can I get in trouble? The rules seem to suggest "no" because this doesn't fit the definition of macroing there, but the "don't use an object and walk away" advice seems to suggest "yes".