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  1. Aelbia

    entered the server as MR and got killed by the gauards at starting area ../.. nice setup .
  2. Norhaven Adventure

    is there an online map ? I would like to see the whole area . just joined and no one online ... so it would be nice at least to see what is around . thank you
  3. Topic Closed

    anyway , don't hate the player . hate the game .
  4. Topic Closed

    oh really ? so why all of this alts had the same ip as you ? lol special snowflake at you face you alts lover ..
  5. Topic Closed

    so what go play with your alts there then .
  6. Topic Closed

    Cobra King is added , now anyone can become the king of HotS !!! Try your luck !!!
  7. [WIP] Portals Mod

    oh i really need that mod any way to get it ??? i just need portal to travel to different spots on my map ,,,
  8. Topic Closed

    Topic Closed
  9. The Brotherhood PvE

    Hello folks ! Join our group on steam [24/7][PvE]The Brotherhood[x3] is a dedicated hosted server , with 100 player slots (up to 244) The server is PvE Freedom with PvP Areas for fun 26k - 40k creatures 37.5% hostiles creatures NPCs at starting area x3 rates Active GM Starting silver with /support No deed cost , only upkeep and much more !!! Join today [24/7][PvE]The Brotherhood[x3]
  10. i probably can learn the basic java work in 2 days .. i just dont wanna XD il wait for more easy program to make maps for wurm unlimited . like some visual editor can be nice ..
  11. well ... its realy stupid then ... no offence rolf but , we wanna mod our own servers .
  12. yeah .... not for me lol im a squirrel scripter ... never worked with java or visual based codes . shame you didnt made something easyer XD
  13. yeah ,.,, i use notpad ++ for LUA scripts , its similar , but how i compile a java ?>