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  1. "I say we take off, nuke the place from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."
  2. I'm not familiar with sql so this is really complicated for me. I was able to struggle my way through the pre-reqs, but implementing them is another story. I got the calculator to work fine, cannot get my skills to update to what they now should be. I tried the pasting into the shell method, it didn't change anything. So I tried the charname method. Now, I'm assuming that you are to replace CharName with the character's name, no? I wasn't sure though, so I tried both. I got an error message with my character's name, and also with using CharName - "error - cannot open Newbie.SQL". No idea why neither method is working. Any ideas? I'm not a programmer, so layman's terms would really help me!
  3. rope tool (oak), 84BOTD: 1s 53c Please cod to Saviina, thanks much! Love buying from you, great deals!
  4. Ok, every time I open Deedplanner it nerfs my mouse speed. Even once I've closed the program my mouse stays sluggish until I reset my computer - any ideas on how to fix this?
  5. I'll take a few things from group 3: rope tool, oakenwood c89 hatchet, iron botd81 wildcat pelt, c84 please CoD to Saviina, thanks!
  6. This! I've been sitting on making any changes to my deed as I'm super picky and would love to be able to try out some designs first! Any sort of ETA on bridges?
  7. Lorraine, I am sorry for your loss. There are bad eggs in every game, and it is how both the community and the devs react to them that makes the game evolve, both for the good and for the bad.
  8. Oh, round up to 2.2s for rope tool #8 and fishing rod? If not acceptable please reply with counter-offer, thanks!
  9. 8: Rope tool Oak Wood ql 76 69w70c 1.2s? If acceptable cod to Saviina, thanks!
  10. #4: [10:11:57] Lurker in the Deep has been cast on it, so it will locate rare fish. [64] Price: 40c Please COD to Egwene, thanks!
  11. +1 - would be nice to have stalls instead of pasture only
  12. carving knife, 79BOTD: 1s 22c rake, 78BOTD: 1s 20c CoD to Saviina, thanks again!
  13. hatchet, 87BOTD: 1s 95c CoD to Saviina, thanks!
  14. Cannot express ENOUGH how grateful I am for all the work you do on this, Warlander! You've been right on top of new features to the game, helping us implement them into our deeds smoothly and perfectly to our liking with Deedplanner... So very awesome of you!