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  1. World of Warcraft

    We are on the EU server playing as Horde on the Draenor realm.
  2. World of Warcraft

    It costs $7.50 to get all content up to level 90 (current endgame is level 100). It's a "special offer" that is practically permanently available for all new players.
  3. Hi guys, I don't play Wurm as actively anymore, only logging in occassionally. I do like the new Challenge format. A few weeks ago I figured I'd give WoW a try after so many years of avoiding it. I was positively surprised by the game and its many dungeons, diverse classes and enormous amount of quests. If anyone is interested in playing with me, send me a message or post here. I'd love to level up an alt with someone from scratch.
  4. Having grinded gardening to 50, I would say there's no grouping whatsoever.
  5. Thatch Plantable

    The fanfare is on its way, it ran into some trouble on the way here.
  6. It's been suggested before, it's a nice idea. But renaming them worked for me so far.
  7. I find that hard to believe, as I was always under the impression that a pet went untame no matter what during a server reset.
  8. I can confirm this has been broken for at least three months or so.
  9. I'm not sure if this is included already, but my biggest problem with maps is finding out whether that one tile is at A10, B10, A9 or maybe even C8. In other words, would it be possible to add a tooltip when hovering over a tile that simply says which tile it is, removing the need to look at the rows on the side and bottom of the map repeatedly?
  10. To guarantee maximum quality only a single olive can now be taken from the holy olive tree. ( )
  11. It stays logged off until a server reset happens.
  12. It's odd really, I was making dough and gaining a skill point at 10 to 20 skill every ... 2 to 4 minutes. Then I hit 20 and I gained 0.1 skill in like 5~8 minutes.
  13. This happens like this: The boat is on JKH, so is the owner as a JK. He goes to join BL but first he crosses to Elevation and he converts there. He hasn't been to JKH as BL so the game seems to think the boat is still owned by a JK.
  14. So I figured I'd try a bit of baking for fun...but I notice the skill literally becomes ten times less once you get past 20 skill. Anyone familiar with this skill?