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  1. Drunkyard 466, 2867
  2. Andru i'm sorry again..... It's totally your right to hate highway and don't want to see some in game. I can be ok with the fact some are oversized and maybe when nobody use it they have to decay. I can totally understand all the complain you have about highway (no more trees, problems to harvest tree, uglay landscape) but ... YOU ARE NOT CONCERNED !!!!!!! Please... seriously.....stop complain everywhere and say you are a victim...seriously it's a non sense.... https://prnt.sc/u5ivqv <----- This is the highway who actually matter, between my deed and Oshana deed, 2 tiles larges. That highway is a multiplayer project, connecting Overture to tunnel (h16) through mountain, and next to south of J18. We stopped building it for you...... https://prnt.sc/u5ivik Here you can see the old path of highway that we destroyed and replanted. The highway we stopped to build like 30 tiles away from the fence you can see, fence who is near 20 diagonal tiles to the border of your settlement. (so you actually live behind the top of the mountain you can see.......) The mine door you can see is the tunnel we dig under the whole mountain for you ....... Seriously please stop complain about what we did here .... you have nothing to deal with .....You have no idea how many hours we worked to please you ..... You are not a victim, you live in full forest, 1 tree were chopped near your deed because i needed some wood to warm food...) and i replanted it .......(who makes that ?????) Seriously it is not possible to continue complaining everywhere about us ... Try to have fun, explore, farm, build some things, complain about game or bugs, but stop talking about us and that highway everywhere trying to find support everywhere with half of the truth.... Have a nice day, and seriously i hope you can stop that incredible crusade. Have a nice day and have fun Ps : Sorry all but it's not possible to continue like that ...... Edit: Oh and the 2 monster deed you have near your deed, we all are waiting they autodisband, because nobody plays and they are really really huge ....and it's a very nice place to sprout and harvest, just wait a bit (10 days if you are lucky) and you will have an amazing forest where you can do whatever you want (but you will see me everyday in that forest because i have to sprout and harvest fruits too Edit 2: And if you want to talk about that or other things in game, just stop ignores me
  3. It's not but you are right, the road was not paved instantly but quick
  4. @Platyna Seems everything i see here can be my most unique possession xD
  5. I'm sorry but the highway was not planned to go through deed ... he stop us 15 tile away from his deed border but the highway was not heading into his deed !! we were in full free forest !! the highway was planned to not touch any deeds ..... and we just tunnel it because he don't want TO SEE a road near his deed.......we never had to ask permissions to build a road/highway in forest Oo If you apply that... i can tell you don't have to expand your deed because i like to see tree here ......and i don't want to see you sprouting tree, harvesting fruits in that free forest because they all are mine (but totally out of any settlement and not even close to .......)!!!!! (that's the actual real matter .....) You have to understand that all the complain of that guys are about totally free of deed forest/land and we gave him everything !!!! Or why did i pay settlement ? if i only have to say : all that here is mine ... don't touch that or i call gm/insult and diffame you on forum ..... Today he's destroying pavement on highway because i cut ONE pine tree more than 15 tile away from his deed border ....in forest......(and i replanted it immediatly!!!!!!!!!!) If i want to harvest the entire forest to grind my woodcutting it's my right and i don't even have to replant it ...... (but i pay a deed only for that.... so i can harvest whatever i want and be sure everyone in the area can have what they need to ..... I do it just to not have more and more problem with him...... because im 38 years old with 2 kids, and i don't have that much time to spend on forum/with gm to argue about a man who thing the whole wurm server is actually his property ....... I seriously can't do more .....
  6. Ok first of all, sorry for my english ....(Andru ask me last time we talk before he ignores me to talk in french so he can use google translate to understand what the hell i'm saying... ) Ok Andru, i've been more than patient with you..... Day one, we are building a highway in forest, day 2, someone (you....) build a fence right in the path of the highway (15 tile and more than your deed), you call gm, we stop highway, we replan it, tunnel it under the moutain for you......we lose many hours just to be gentle with you (because we just don't need any authorization building roads in free lands ....) day 3 you enlarge your fence, block an oak (because it's you oak you said.... right in forest ???) day 4 (today) you destroy pavement of the highway 100 tile away from your deed (the highway is between my deed and dragon's deed) -> [10:20:30] Andru starts to remove the stones from the paved dirt. ALL IN LOGS !!!!!! (for that i come with my cart on you like 25 sec....still in free forest .....) you come on forum crying because i cut one tree (and replant it) near your deed..... (10-20 tile away.....) You come on forum crying because i harvest fruits and cut crops in forest ...... when you want to complain and insult others.... try to don't forget what you are actually doing ...... You are complaining on forum, calling gm 10x/day, because you think we are griefing you..... THAT IS NOT GRIEFING HARVEST TREE IN FOREST....!!!!! THAT IS NOT GRIEFING CUTTING SPROUTS IN FOREST.......!!!!!! Maybe it's just time for you to play solo games ..... here all the printscreen (hope links works, if not i can try another way, just ask in game, i have nothing to hide), proving that forest in and around his deed is untouched .....everyone here can pm me in game to visit the forest we are destroying and to see how we are actually doing massive grief near him (andru if you go in forest to chop all tree i'll come here again with printscreen proving that is you and not us...) https://prnt.sc/u4d1ev the road you are grifing https://prnt.sc/u4d2tp the road we stop for you and are actually tunnelling (still understand why.... path dont come in your deed.... because you are gentleman ? maybe the only thing you want to say here is thanks but you don't know how ? ) i stay near the pavement you remove on the road, (his deed his left behind the horse you can see far away...) AND WE REPLANTED TREE ON THE FIRST ROAD !!!! JUST TO BE GENTLE ........ https://prnt.sc/u4d3oj Blocked oak out of deed (ok now you put horse in we can find another utility.... and i don't want to search logs 3 days ago when you said to me why you build that fence....) https://prnt.sc/u4d4zd Your house (who was not in deed before you have to expand (today becase i cut a tree near....) because we all here are damn griefers .......(if we want to grief....5-10 players here ..... what did you hope about your undeeded house......) https://prnt.sc/u4d6ah The forest near your deed (but out of) where we actually are griefing like hell..... obviously trees respawn quick huh ??? .....) Sorry neighbors but i really thing multiplayer games are actually not for you and that you really have to work on your toleration....And please ... stop lying and diffamate others players .....You are just complaining about everything and everyone (ppl you join in deed don't forget you....) when you are surrounded by idiots it is often elsewhere that you have to look for the problem Try to have fun playing with 100% players around you who are actually griefing you and all are losers ..... ps: Sorry all i hope that is a little understandable but i do my best trying to make things understandable.... Feel free to pm me for questions and have fun you all Nydogg Last thing... you said you ask me to leave....you can't talk to me if you ignores me
  7. Je débute a l'instant, si il y a du monde qui recrute du débutant, faites moi signe. ( release, nydogg) Comme je viens de commencer, je peux sans soucis changer de coin