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  1. yes, i saw it on steam today. I was really happy, when I read that. I hope it will be really soon
  2. Thank you McGarnicle, but how you wrote, this solution is for computers with 2 graphics cards. I have only GPU integrated intel hd620, for that I cant switch cards. How i wrote, i tested today wo unstable client with default configuration and problem with textures dissapear. All was fine and nice. I checked differences between graphic configuration wo and wu and i found some differences which missed in wo configuration. For that I am not sure if HW - intel integrated graphic is problem.
  3. Hello, I know about another topics about issue with graphic rendering problem. I have this problem on intel hd-620 graphic card. I tried update and configure really everyhting ( drivers, java, game configuration .... bla bla bla ). I found only one thing when are textures better. That config is: terrain texture - low. When are medium or high, than I have really bad textures. You can see it on screenshots: Today I tried WO stable and unstable version. On WO stable version I have this problem too. But when I started WO unstable client, there was everything fine. I tried copy game config from unstable client, but yes wu didnt know about new graphic configuration, what is logical. For that I would like ask you, when you planning fix this problem in WU or if you could releases WU unstable client, it would be awesome. Thank you for your time and answer
  4. Routing issue

    Hi, im not guru in linux and maybe i will be wrong, but what about firewall rules?
  5. rare bone 1x for 25s sleep powder 5x for 1.30s each (6s if buyer take all) Location - pristine M18 / Name in game Brum
  6. I will come. I have some question for him
  7. Lantern sold to ranu The inter-island mail service is on strike right now. Please try later. Item dissapear from mail-box. I hope it was sent....
  8. Rare saw, iron QL 83,84. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. start bid: 6s min. increments: 0.5s buyout: 9s Rare lantern, iron Colors: R=225, G=225, B=225 QL 81,15. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. start bid: 3s min. increments: 0.5s buyout: 6s Sold to ranu ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Buyer pays CoD I accept private message only buyout and buyer will be written
  9. Needle, iron QL 71.09 coc 77 - 50c Mallet, pine QL 71.27 coc 74 - 50c COD to Brum Thank you