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  1. I don't think it is a real hardcoded limit. More likely is that there is a balance between the rate of natural growth of the trees and the rate that sprouts will fall to the ground and make new trees so that generally there will be a few open spaces waiting to take a sprout, a few trees sprouting ready to drop one to an empty tile, and a few withered trees ready to die and leave another empty tile (Not actually sure this happens like this, please correct me if I'm wrong.)
  2. Another nail in the coffin of PvE. Can't we just make a server with invulnerability for these people already? Along main roads you already can't swing a cat without hitting two guard towers. If you want to build these go ahead, I can't stop you, but if any pop up in my area they're going down quick.
  3. For one, a clay/pottery knife would be terrible at just about everything. A real ceramic knife is made of zirconium dioxide, I'm pretty sure that falls beyond the technological scope of what Wurm is aiming for. Not only that but ceramic knifes are very limited in their practical application. Good for slicing deboned meat or vegetables but terrible at anything that involves possible contact with a hard surface. Using one as a weapon would be right out of what it could handle.
  4. Please explain this to me like I'm 5?
  5. Knapsack

    Tell that to my ql43 rare applewood knapsack after 67 months of premium.
  6. Knapsack

    Unlikely. [14:15:13] You have been premium a total of 41 months until Dec 2013.[14:15:13] You have been premium a total of 26 since Dec 2013. I got a rare sub 50ql knapsack. Feels a bit underwhelming for 67 months (Almost 6 years) of prem seeing as Aaron's knapsack beats mine like a redheaded stepchild for his 27 months of premium.
  7. Knapsack

    Expected as much, I'm happy with the gift, just a little sad that now I have a cool backpack that I can't throw in the forge like my others because it's made of wood.
  8. Knapsack

    Rare applewood knapsack, rare champagne [14:15:13] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Sleep, week 1 of the starfall of Omens, 988. That's 2943 days, 12 hours and 28 minutes ago. [14:15:13] You have been premium a total of 41 months until Dec 2013. [14:15:13] You have been premium a total of 26 since Dec 2013. [14:15:13] You have been premium consecutively for 2 months since Dec 2013. Seems like I should have more than rare, but maybe it's me. Not ungrateful or anything btw, was just wondering. Thanks for the backpack!
  9. 1 sleep powder, to add to my alt holding 50 sleep powders. 1 tin shovel, for the guy that hates digging. 1 adamantine lump, 0,40 weight, that I can use for absolutely nothing. I'm really hoping the other anniversary gifts will cheer me up because atm I'm feeling pretty damn unlucky.
  10. Cheers, Rolf! I started playing this game just over 8 years ago according to my /playtime, and although I take extended breaks this is the ONLY game that keeps dragging me back.
  11. Dafuq are you on about? Afaik you can't mine adamantine so I have no idea what that's about. Secondly you're absolutely free to wait till someone else has a Paweelr priest on freedom and ask them to convert you. Nobody is forcing you to travel to Chaos for anything. Once you have the requisite faith as a follower you can ask any, LITERALLY ANY Paweelr priest to priest you up.
  12. BotD, LT, Nimbleness and Web armour? Niiice.
  13. Wow, 12 hours of sermons? Gotta keep it running for longer if you want the people to actually show up.
  14. Not sure about the skill tracker since the alt is now at 20 digging. I am indeed standing in once place digging and dropping. Is this an intended effect then to encourage players to move around?
  15. I like the warning system. I don't know about you guys but I have to balance work, school and a girlfriend so unlike some folks I can't spend 12 hours a day sitting around in Wurm waiting for stuff top happen. I need to plan my Wurm time and I feel that a 2 day warning is a great idea. I would also be fine with it being shortened to 24 hours but 24 hours would be a bare minimum for me.
  16. At what time (GMT/UTC) will the new rift on Xanadu open? Because the one we had earlier opened up when it was midnight (Rolf's time) rather than 3x24 hours after it spawned. Are the 2 days counted as 48 hours from spawn?
  17. Correct, and skill updates are set to always on all of my characters. The number in the skills window should always update anyway since we're talking skillgains of 0.07 to 0.10 per gain. Here's the video that shows the problem. it's not the client since after a restart the skill I "should" have gained does not appear, however I do start gaining skill normally again until a certain point.
  18. The issue occurs on a freemium alt I have, every once in a while my alt just stops gaining digging skill, still sub-20 btw. the skill will highlight green in the Skills window, but in the skills tab nothing is shown, in the skills window the number does also not change to reflect the skillgain. Once this happens it persists until I restart the client however the skill I should have gained does not reappear, it is lost forever. Will post a YT vid later showing the problem as well.
  19. Forgot to mention, i also have an AMD. Sapphire Radeon 7950 GT, Boost edition.
  20. Disabling shadows had no effect, problem ranges from weird artifacts to FPS crippling whiteout
  21. They're still for everyone, you turdburglar. 3 days waiting time is good, I can plan ahead and make time to spend an evening rifting, nobody can keep them hidden, and EVERYBODY is welcome to contribute and participate. If you can't get hits in then get better at the damn game. According to WKM it's not hard to get a good participation rating.
  22. Revelation is in, longsword or axe with LMS, drake, and able to perform field imps on shields that need a bit of hammering.
  23. Yep, which means that this would be almost no use whatsoever. Existing dirtwalls are unaffected, and new dirtwalls have to be made twice as wide which as we all know is only a small hassle on PvP servers