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  1. The last time they changed it just made it even worse, I don't think they know how to internet.
  2. The major problem with this is.... well one of many, is we play Wurm online not Wurm2040 Online. I think the game is going for a medieval feel not an industrial feel so tbh i don't see any of those being a thing outside of WU I'd rather see more things in the wurm era added rather than waiting a few years till we are all flying around in spaceships powered by unicorn tears -1
  3. idk about night vision googles next thing people will want to fly or shoot sniper rifles I like the concept but for wurm I think maybe a potion to give night vision would be more world friendly Face protect for scale/drake helms would be great not sure why this isn't a thing. (not even a scale helm... yet )
  4. But why change the color of a sail on a boat that still has holes in it? But on topic : Love the summon guard idea nothing worse than not being able to cap a tower due a guard on his coffee break 2 locals out If the max influ spread is at 90 effective QL will there be a Influ min or will it go down to like 1 tile as the effective QL nears 0 and will it be more or less than the current (as far as max area claimed) Will change in effective ql be an instant change in influence?
  5. Yeah far more important things that could be fixed tower influ shouldn't even be close to the top of the list imo. Embark bug for all mounts vehicles. De-sync. Horses getting stuck in house walls. Proph falling into enemy mines. Boats/wagons disappearing. Shield bashing saying youre busy when you start the action while changing where you are targeting. Being able to mount a wagon as passenger and looting an enemy safe mine. Chain fences on walls not able to be catapulted at times and damage resetting to 0 after 100. I'm sure people have a lot more deal breakers out there.