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  1. Just a Price Check

    Well, personally as a buyer that has paid for top dollar toons (not interested now). There is probably less than 20 people in the game that can afford (willing to commit) that kind of money. Most of them probably all have many accounts. What makes this account cool, is they can probably toss a few accounts after getting this. Then you got the issue of people leaving this game like crazy. In one month you are going to get 20% or more decrease in prices. If you over-complicate the issue, subtract another 20% or more from the price. You think there are all these bidders that are seriously committed. But those bidders are fickle, and there time is worth more than the money. Mess around and think there is going to be this huge bidding war, you gonna come out the loser IMO. If I was in your shoes, I would just do a quick back and forth with the main entries. Take the highest price and get out before the market evaporates. On the other hand, its your toon, and you are free to take your own risks and lose big if you choose wrong. Or win big if you choose right.
  2. Just a Price Check

    I sold bunch of high end toons publicly and big mistake, was offered way more privately, but I let it run publicly and got 30% less than buyout offers I was getting privately, I assumed some of private people would bid publicly in auction, but they didn't. Dont bother with 3rd parties, way to much trouble, just take offers, when you get the number you want, sell it. Thats what I would do if I did it again. Clean, fast, no need for seller to have to get back to someone else for permission.
  3. GEMS reseller price (sold) please close

  4. >10ql total 624 Gems 13306.77ql 30 iron p/ql (.3c/ql) <10ql total 191 Gems 925.94ql 1c/ql 815 gems total, 14232.71 QL total PRICE 49s total all gems Will not split low ql from high ql. comes out to .0034 silver p/ql which is 33% of normal price. Buyer must pickup from Release L17 in game map. Edit: Not sure why images not showing in spoiler on this forum. Here are links instead. https://gyazo.com/440ee08bf2d28a5c5eeb5c95aa5379f5 https://gyazo.com/9ce99ffcc361e9878e4c0563fdc5422d https://gyazo.com/d35d98491b94805d59b1d7da831760f2 https://gyazo.com/3c693f89e2511eaf913ec30a02163f67 https://gyazo.com/d021bc7f3273dbb68417f52df62cab8c
  5. Auctions for Charity

    Holidays are a great time to make a donation.
  6. WTS Gold SOLD Close Please

  7. WTS Gold SOLD Close Please

    WTS Gold SOLD
  8. WTS Rares and stuff SO CHEAP

  9. Agree 100% here With Wurm 2.0., and new combat, magic systems. I would also add monsters and loot. I haven't read any suggestions that will bring back 100's much less thousands of users WO as it stands now. Trust has been lost, so many problems to fix. Time heals wounds. Reboot with 2.0 if you want 20k - 50k subscribers. Also instead of subscription model change to cash shops. I don't like cash shops personally, but I do use them and pay. This is the way of the future it seems. Let 20% of the users pay 80% of the bill.
  10. WTS Rares and stuff SO CHEAP

  11. WTS Rares and stuff SO CHEAP

    #14 was sold already sorry
  12. WTS Rares and stuff SO CHEAP

    [12:55:00] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  13. WTS Rares and stuff SO CHEAP

    Items sold from release I will update forums 1 time per day, could take up to 24 hours to respond to PM's #1 89.95ql rare large anvil, iron (c30) 4s SOLD #2 67.36ql rare grindstone NEW PRICE** 1s SOLD #3 25.31ql rare small metal shield, iron 3s SOLD #4 84.66ql rare large maul, iron (n93 LT83 c80 ms73) 9s SOLD #5 80.31ql rare cauldron, iron 3s SOLD #6 11.56ql rare plate gauntlet, steel 2.5s SOLD #7 55.26ql rare plate gauntlet, steel 2.5s SOLD #8 89.77ql rare needle, iron (c91 w88) 3s SOLD #9 87.74ql rare sickle, iron (N79 LT66 C91) 8s SOLD #10 77.29ql rare chain sleeve, iron (a86) 2s SOLD #11 10.72ql pickaxe steel (c96 skiller) 1.5s SOLD #12 1.00ql pickaxe steel (c87 skiller) NEW PRICE** 1s Pending #13 90.26ql rare pickaxe, iron (w18 c88) 5s SOLD #14 93.21ql rare pickaxe, iron (c66 w101) 6s SOLD #15 90.66ql rare short sword, iron (94N 87FB 88C MS88) 8s SOLD #16 38.95ql rare satchel 3s SOLD #17 31.62al potion of woodcutting 2s SOLD #18 50.99ql small bell, brass .7s #19 50.86ql small bell, brass .7s #20 99.00ql snow lantern .5s SOLD #21 84.15ql halberd, iron (n92 f90 c87) 2s SOLD #22 100.00ql valentines, pottery 1s SOLD #23 100.00ql valentines, pottery 1s #24 90.91ql mallet, pinewood (86coc) 1s #25 90.53ql longsword, iron (F95 c75 ms70)NEWPRICE* 1s SOLD #26 15.65ql pickaxe, iron (c80) 1s #27 89.72ql pickaxe, iron (w70) 1s #28 29.70ql pickaxe, iron (c66) .50s #29 89.22ql pickaxe, iron (w73 c57) 1s #30 79.27ql pickaxe, iron (w57 c68) 1s #31 39.57ql pickaxe, iron (w58 c58) 1s #32 1.00ql meditation rug, cotton (c73 w66) 1s #33 13.08ql meditation rug, cotton (c78) 1s #34 1.00ql exquisite meditation rug, cotton (c95) 1s SOLD #35 1.00ql exquisite meditation rug, cotton (c89) 1s SOLD #36 52.86ql leather knife, iron (w84 c87) 1s #37 89.97ql leather knife, iron (c57 w57) 1s #38 84.14ql butchering knfie, iron (w54 c77) 1s #39 50.82ql fruit press, oakenwood (c93) .5s SOLD #40 67.29ql spindle, oakenwood (c93) .5s SOLD #41 57.82 lantern, iron (252 white) .5s #42 34.09ql ropetool, cedarwood (70c) .5s #43 21.82ql ropetool, oakenwood (73c w51) .5s SOLD #44 78.65ql ropetool, cedarwood (92c w57) 1s #45 48.80ql ropetool, willow (79c) .5s #46 84.39ql great helm, steel (99 aosp) 1s SOLD #47 58.20 pendulum, copper (lw90) .5s SOLD #48 51.81 needle, iron (c83 w31) .5s SOLD #49 90.00ql steel and flint .5s SOLD #50 90.04ql shovel (w78) 1s #51 87.21ql shovel (c90 w65) 1.5s SOLD #52 86.59ql shovel (w72 c77) 1s SOLD
  14. #1 buyout cod thirtynine