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  1. I guess I am confused... Why does this matter? Yeah obviously the devs are wrong in mistreating their current playerbase. But the players are obviously wrong for trying to metagame. Not sure why we need to try to play frontier landgrab all the time. Seems to me if you like resettling in a new place all the time you should just play on wild server and make people angry so they siege your town...repeat. Everyone is wrong. Lets just have fun instead of complaining.
  2. Hey, Wondering if there is still a space available? Pm incoming
  3. Hello, There are two of us willing to live together, we are just returning from a year off but previous we held deed and are fairly experienced just getting into the swing of things. We are preferable looking for a village in between Bacon harbor to heritage (coast to coast on the south) but we would like to hear any offers for anyone who would take us. Thanks