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  1. I don't think so Keenan....also another guy had same problem in CA help except with his corpse...couldn't take it or take stuff out of it...I told him what I did...he said he would try it and I never heard back so I guess it worked. ok guess reinstalling didn't work either....just killed Lava friend....cannot take items from butchered inventory....nor bury's again like it doesn't event message
  2. ok just tried with character Illuminatus...non premium...still on serentiy server though...same result as character must be my stable client...will delete and redownload and verify all packets.. Deleted Wurm folder and reinstalled stable client...seems to be working fine now after 5+ animal butchers... although had to turn vsync back on...guess client can't handle 150+ FPS when getting into a cart...froze every time lol
  3. happens everywhere...mostly off deed...any butchered animal now...bears, deer, spiders....nothing in event...just nothing happens. update turned off experimental and still happening. Stable client - also can't bury any animal that I can't get stuff from butchered inventory It's kinda like ...once butchered it no longer snuffing campfires, campfire no longer exists
  4. Upon killing mob I butcher the mob right click then click on item and right click on take....and nothing....nothing event...just nothing.. only happens sometimes...has happened on hell hounds...lava spider and a brown bear... Serenity server.. This morning when the maintenance took place I decided to add the experimental packet before restarting...don't know if has to do with this problem though.. have unchecked experimental packet will see if corrects and will update.
  5. Plan for a Plan

    Ok after reading so many posts I feel that i have a pretty good understanding of what most are saying (Most that have no freaking clue! OMG!) Look at your numbers, when did population start going down...Introduction of Epic, Huge Map like Xanadu, People dumping huge amounts of real cash into buying silver, Introduction of rares, Challenge map with faster timers..... Everyone seems to want faster this or faster that - but faster is NOT what got you here to begin with....faster has killed the majority of the population.. Now...That being said there are quite a few things Wurm online does need to bring people back...First and foremost "A purpose" - The human being will do absolutely nothing without a reason.... So give them one: On Wurm online the mechanics are already mostly in place.... 1. As in the real World, the more deeds per server the higher the upkeep (real estate value) A lot of the reasons people leave I've heard for years..."No where to put a deed" - "All the good spots are taken" Use that to your advantage by structuring the upkeep based on location...if it has water, sand, clay, tar, nearby then should be higher than a deed with say only tar nearby. Some have said make deed costs lower....ABOSLUTELY NOT!!! They should outrageously stupid expensive!! It really should be an HONOR to own a deed not just something one does...If you are a deed owner in the year 980-1150 then you should and would have like the most money in the kingdom and if you don't then see Number 2...get a job! 2 (On WO). Kingdom rulers can give titles that have benefits - why can't deed owners give "Jobs" that have benefits... Deed Owner hires real people to occupy set positions/set payment amounts Deed Owner Does not pay the individual - it comes from upkeep All Jobs Must produce so many product in order to get paid directly to their account from Deed upkeep account Farmers (example only - 1000 crop = 1s (typical pay on some servers) Loggers Cooks Masons Carpenters And so on with bonus's for being hired into those jobs - bonus's like the title bonus. Give people a purpose and a reason for new players to do the menial tasks for some coin 3.( I know this is for WO but got to plug WU also.....Same as Number 2 except deed owners must hire Npc's can't hire live people to do that go to WO) (Npc's would cost twice as much for half as much work) 4. Bring back PERMADEATH...well no not exactly lol. But give priests the ability to resurrect!! Instead of respawning as new body you respawn as a ghost and must find a priest that will cast the spell on you to link your spirit back to your body(locate soul) which will then show to you alone some "mystical sign" to where your body is located to help you find it. Casting such a spell should be costly as in high faith/favor for the priest, For the dead person - permanent learning loss (Example %5 loss a person will never reach 100 unless they do some quest(mission ruler) to gain that back) Next death would result in higher loss until you ultimately most do quests just to retain current knowledge. 5. Do a lot more work on the Mission ruler...awesome tool if it would just be completed and then used by more than just a few people....lots are learning on WU how powerful it can be...Someone said something about making dungeons..well there's the tool make it available. Alot of the old--timers stuck around for a reason....for the glory of obtaining such a high level....not because it was easy...but because it was an accomplishment....Wurm Online has gotten too easy with little to no reward for those that stuck it out..... I say these things as an opinion - because i too moved to Epic because of the learning curve and Epic missions and have left and come back over and over because i got bored. and I dare say Wurm Unlimited also(I'm already bored on my own server because it's easy) Okay down off my Soapbox and back to looking at the code...still wanting to make that NpcFarmer mod mentioned in number 3 Windamere Trahalien Forever Wurmian
  6. Valrei Missions "Folly of Fo" "Tears of Fo" Date format is incorrect in Db.... Failed: 12/31/69 7:00 PM - not sure if this is a catchall endTime exception date since the exact same date and time is on multiple FAIL missions.. Name: Everyone: Folly of Fo Creator: System Started: 12/3/15 10:35 AM Failed: 12/31/69 7:00 PM Restartable: No Description: Fo asks you to sacrifice 1 of the hidden Holy Feathers. Name: Everyone: Tears to Fo Creator: System Started: 12/3/15 11:55 AM Failed: 12/31/69 7:00 PM Restartable: No Description: Fo asks you to slay Venerable avatar of libila traitor. It was last seen in the south regions.
  7. Delete this folder : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited And redownload from steam. for large tree area....AS DevGM level 5....on Ebony wand...Item> data 1 change to10 for x area and data 2 chnge to 10 for y using paint terrain with auxData set to tree type.....would paint a 10x10 area.....
  8. Guys there is a list with estimated ranking of FS which should give ya a basic list to go off of...
  9. Good stuff guys....along with Xyp's suggestion (which got me thinking about this) money on mobs thing... however with it just there in inv any Fo priest of some faith can just walk up to most animals and look>equipment and see what coin then not kill it if not worth it.... Got me to thinking can you put the coin in the butchered window? reasons: let say your out hunting and 5 people kill troll do you give coin to all 5? makes butchering even more valuable. If person forgets to get coin loot...then it's still there for others to find on ground(treasure hunt) easier to set determined amounts. Anyway just some early morning thoughts while having first cup of coffee....enjoy and keep up the great work.
  10. Idea for new class NPCFarmer Using exisitng Npc.class and CreaturePathFinding.class add menu item on tile "Hire Npc" with drop down menu to select what type "farmer" - "miner" Etc... This tile will be his "HomeTile... Farmer - Use CreaturePathFinding to find closest "Fieldtile" if field tile age > 1 && Farmed < 6 then Farm, if Age == 6 then Harvest Yield == maxYield (should be since you are paying for it ) if Harvest then create seed, Sow CreaturePathFind Next closest FieldTile repeat until Inventory(Full) return HomeTile deposit FarmYield in if exist (container) Set so only Deed Mayor can hire.....can cost different amounts set by Server Dev.
  11. Lol I had same problem with the ModLauncher...put in wrong folder WurmserverLauncher instead of WurmDedicatedServerLauncher
  12. Thats that i now where it is....trying to set it up as a mission trigger...(like adventure server) except examine settlement form...display lights at token type thing
  13. Thank you!! and that would be the reason - (me) typical american tried looking up everything "Christ" mas lol
  14. Ok you mentioned but for the life of me can't figure out how to do it.....and nobody has said anything else how do you make the christmas lights?
  15. had that same problem....after chopping a few tree's around the edges it finally worked.