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  1. account sold.. Can close.. Thanks
  2. reduce price 25e fop tools bundle 15e for gems bundle
  3. updated price 30euro for rare tools bundles 20 euro for gems bundles negotiation available for serius buyer only
  4. 15s coin sold with clean transaction
  5. 3x merchant contract sold (pending transaction) 3-5 working day
  6. thanks for the offer but i think i quite low
  7. well i'm curious too, its seem not to work for everyone
  8. oh really? i didn't know that since it just work fine for me..
  9. This state are not updated, some skills are higher than stated Serius buyer are free to make an offer via PM
  10. Rare Tools rare small anvil 88ql no cast rare hammer---- 94ql---- coc 100 rare hatchet---- 90ql---- BOTD 98 rare pickaxe---- 86ql---- BOTD 99 rare stone chisel---- 85ql---- woa 91 7 euro for each merchant contract or 18 euro for all Make your offer for rare tools and Gems Also Selling 15s for 15 euro Selling for paypal transaction only Thank you