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  1. Would you be interested in a Rare Carrot 38 Ql?
  2. [FIXED] Guards on a Smoke break

    I just had this issue myself and i was within 7 tiles from the tower called 5 times for guards the 5th was the charm and i had to move 1 tile over to get 2 guards to attack this ado rat
  3. WTB Rare&Supreme Saccables/Materials

    ok i will cod it too you 10c
  4. WTB Rare&Supreme Saccables/Materials

    Do you buy a Rare Fresh Mint 25 ql full weight
  5. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    Nvm got it
  6. cod QL 50 Steel Shovel c71 w61 (60c) please an ty to manikensalt
  7. Hindleap Horses

    Hey Olaff im ready for the transactions ty
  8. DNS Quick Fix

    Does anyone know when Wurm will be playe able again. Or when this dns will be fixed
  9. WSA: DNS connectivity issues

    Do we have a time frame of when this will be fixed so we all can play again.
  10. WSA: DNS connectivity issues

    Ok thank you
  11. WSA: DNS connectivity issues

    how do you change the IP address?
  12. Unable to locate server

    im un able to log into the game itself