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  1. Please close

    this will come with the account, the winner gets all account and tools...
  2. Please close

    there is no scam just a miss understanding, i spoken to shrimpiie last night and it was all sorted out, thats why the posts was removed and this auction was cleaned. there was a issue that the original owner of this account did not get paid for the account as he handed the details over to the guy before he got payment, but i spent about 4 hours talking to different people on here and in game to resolve the matter, now they are all speaking to one another, also shrimpiie knows the full details of what happened as he was the guy who removed all the spam postes that was left on the auction form the miss communication .. it was nothing to do with myself it was between the original owner and the last guy who sold it me. the account is in perfect condition to how iv explained it, i used to be Wsrich before i got this account and i had a huge trust level from the players, i really aint a scam im a genuine guy trying to sell a account so i can spend all my free time with my soon to be wife .. everything about this account is in the first post of this auction i hope people will back me up on this and settle your mind about it. p.s nothing at all can come between this account and me selling it to the winner as the original person who owned it gave up the details to the account before he got payment then never did, this is a real thing that people will try and do to voluble people who are trust worthy, just think about how much time and effort we all have put into this game its not worth the risk, always receive the money first and get receipt of payment saved like i did so you have prof of what is going on. as yesterday people claimed i didnt pay for this account but i have forum messeges on my wsrich account and i also have paypal prof that clearly state i did pay for this account fair and square its between the original guy and the one who sold it me to amend there problems as iv had this toon for like 7 months and never heard a thing about all this untill yesterday night.
  3. Please close

    Oops yes what Argustin said ...
  4. to all those who bid im extremely sorry but i will no longer be selling the items as it will not bepossible with the things that have gone on.... sorry guys i really am.... this is why iv taken too much hasle on this game and i dont find anything about it fun anymore and i just wanna leave, soas soon as my account has gone so will everything onmy account http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/113257-selling-account/
  5. Please close

    Auction is up to 80 gbp so far Rolant has the winning bid up to yet
  6. Please close

    Can people just stick to the auction please, it ain't a chat room ...
  7. Please close

    Thanks, sorry i had to dissclose the infomation i do respect peoples confidentiality, just a shame people have to play unfair and make other not trust people..
  8. Please close

    from Argustin Sent Yesterday, 07:50 AM Do you take private bids? Ill offer 75 i dont rip people off ... !!!
  9. Please close

    was high when i paid for the account, and plus i went on a big mission on the new server fora deed that helped a lot ...
  10. Please close

    Iv done them for a long time now and the person who has put a bid down is a trusted plater and I will disclose the name if he wins ... nothing shady here...
  11. Please close

    private bid of 75 just in.
  12. WTB Account

    No problem thanks anyway