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  1. I can recommend this village for any new wurmians. Im the current mayor of serendipity bay (next door) and we have a close community of pleasant folk here on the peninsula all helping each other out where we can. There's a string of guard towers being built (with many already completed) to help protect people without having to decimate local wildlife too. If you're new to the game or even I'd you're not and just looking or somewhere to hold out, you'll be welcome here.
  2. # What happened Meditation timer is reset when changing fighting style while meditating. The reset timer is only a visual glitch, as meditating finishes in the normal allotted time regardless of what the reset timer displays. # What you expected to happen Either meditating cancelled (because hey who can meditate while thinking of combat), or timer continues as normal without resetting. # Steps to reproduce Meditate. Once successfully meditating, change fighting style (for me I changed from normal to defensive and back again to double check, and again to triple check).
  3. I'd like to make a suggestion that will hopefully encourage people to invite others to come play wurm. This suggestion can work either with the current referral system, or if not with, possibly be an alternative to it. I'm not saying the current system is no good, far from it, I'm just offering up something that would give people a reason to recruit to the game. Basically, the idea is to have referral links tied to your game account. If I want to recommend someone to come play wurm, I can give them a unique URL or a code (to be entered on account creation) that links back to my account and credits with a silver or two, or some sleep bonus when the new user springs for silver or a subscription. Not heaps, just a bit to encourage people to actively convert others to this game. It saves Rolf from having to advertise (as we'll all be doing it for him) and will give incentive to existing players to bring friends to come play and help the game grow.
  4. Ok this I can get behind. If they're made so they can take out any nasty that roams onto the deed, but their presence restricted to when the deed has a member online, this could work almost perfectly. If an aggressive mob attacks a structure (like a troll bashing a fence) have them appear, deal with the problem, then vanish, leaving any other mobs that aren't damaging property alone.
  5. I don't have a problem with how they are now. You're paying them, so I don't see a problem with harvesting corpses they cause. If they were free then I'd agree, but as they're not, I don't. If you want to live life a bit tougher, then don't settle down in a populated neighbourhood.
  6. Happy owner of a new set of ql70 chain with about 500 aosp enchanted across it. Will be looking forward to doing more business in the future.
  7. Bought a maul with a heap of enchants, I'd definitely come back for more and recommend anyone wanting something made contact Zero
  8. Pineridge has been disbanded now, trolls still fill the area. The back forest was filled with dozens of shod clubs from weaker/single trolls that fell to the guard. I wasn't game enough to go down back there and deal with the corpses as there were always more trolls hanging around looking to take a bit out of my arm.
  9. If you don't mind me asking, what's the turnaround on the armour? My first time having something like this made and I've no idea how long it takes to regain favour for casting (or whatever it is). Not being pushy, just genuinely curious
  10. Misty Harbour (y30,x2) and Port Pineridge (y38, x3) are disbanded.
  11. Gatwick, as I mentioned in my PM, please resend to Kaloth and if the return of the shield cost you any postage, include that in the CoD for me to repay you for my screwup.
  12. Ah ok. LT was the one I was really hoping to get the most. I'll get back to you on that, then.
  13. No worries. If I get a weapon elsewhere, can you accomplish those enchants?