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  1. As far as I know those are the same as their template god, so: Fo: Nahjo Mag: Smeagain Vyn: Paaweelr Lib: Tosiek, Nathan Gary
  2. Servers down?

    A LOT of changes. Fishing, a ton of spell and priest changes and generally a much needed havoc
  3. Of course it is. Just chipping in
  4. Lorax...? I mean come on, do something creative like: Forrest Gump Run Forrest Run Nutcracker Nutjob Y'know, something funny.
  5. I wonder if it'd be possible to add a button to directly open the saddlebags on a horse. Something like this: 1. A button next to the "backpack" and "quiver" toggling button on the player's personal bar. Also available for keybinding. This option would automatically pull up bags on the horse the player is currently riding and would be "greyed out" when no horse/vehicle is present (technically,the same thing could be done for any vehicle the player is driving). 2. A button on the creature's bar showing when said creaure is selected. This would ease the process of managing multiple burden horses.
  6. This feature is being proposed exactly to counteract the equipment closing. It only closes because when leading a horse, you get too far from it. Also +1
  7. Beware the Bloodman, guardian of the Pristine Rift!
  8. Cave buildings? If in some years we'd be blessed with 3D caves, I won't emerge overground ever again
  9. Generally in favor, but it should be jars and/or amphoras of tar. More economical to make and more logical to launch (since it shatters on impact). Cauldrons of boiling/flaming tar (or oil) could be a construction available to build on the border of a building (longouse walls and gates in mind). When used it'd pour the liquid pain over the attackers below.
  10. I've got this bug as well. Strangely - it applies to a chestnut and a maplewood racks while a birchwood rack retains its proper looks.
  11. Simple yet effective: My idea is to get rid of the "repairing" skill itself and make it so your corresponding crafting skill is taken into account where the repairing skill would. What does that mean? It means that if you have 90 "blade smithing" and 10 "shield smithing", you would repair blade weapons as if you had 90 "repairing" and shields like you had 10 "repairing". Simple. Logic behind that: A master blacksmith would not only know how to create tools etc. but also how to fix them more efficently than his neighbour carpenter. It's illogical to have an ultimate knowledge of repairing everything in existence in just one skills. Pros: - Opens market for repairing services and "mend" casts. - Easy to code. Cons: - People with already skilled "repairing" would lose it (although the already gained titles could be left as a legacy, no longer achievable (and so elite-ish) - that'd prevent some ranting on their side I think).
  12. It'd be a nice touch to add the sound effects to spellcasting in general (like a wind blowing for tornado, "fwoosh" for fire spells etc.), but aside of that I would totally love if they record some actual voice acting (with those 2 actors we hear in emotes for each gender). Toons would actually chant something in Valrei language But I guess it won't fit the personal taste of everyone.