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  1. Yes hi, how much for my axe? (Small addy)
  2. Turning 21 in two months, so yes. Crazy how a good few of y'all knew me when I was like 12.
  3. +1 but like it's been stated, High chances this will just be completely ignored. Whether or not I'd comeback is a different story. I may or I may not, depends on life at the time. Would definitely be cool to get the old groups back, Since I quit I haven't talked to all but maybe 3-5 people from epic/chaos combined.
  4. Team Name: The Three Kings Main Names: Yesirn, Malevolence, Coolguy Sub Names: Yourmajesty Team Leader; Yesirn Best time/timezone: 5:30PM EST Best day: Jan 6th
  5. You look like you have enough ventilation in that room, you should be fine +1 either way though
  6. Start bid: 5s Min increase: 1s Buyout: Offer
  7. this but only if its purely cosmetic.
  8. I mean a barrel uses a peg... which you get 10 per shaft... and like 12 shafts per log... so 120 pegs per log (Im bad at math so thats probably wrong), P easy to just use small barrels on a rack and pegs to seal
  9. Im not a ship builder. but why do you need 10 corbitas?