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  1. Team Name: The Three Kings Main Names: Yesirn, Malevolence, Coolguy Sub Names: Yourmajesty Team Leader; Yesirn Best time/timezone: 5:30PM EST Best day: Jan 6th
  2. You look like you have enough ventilation in that room, you should be fine +1 either way though
  3. Ode to Epic

  4. C89 pickaxe c89 shovel CoD Yesirn please
  5. Supreme Trowel 87.75ql 64WoA

    accepted buyout offer
  6. Supreme Trowel 87.75ql 64WoA

    Start bid: 5s Min increase: 1s Buyout: Offer
  7. Bring back the cardboard crown

    this but only if its purely cosmetic.
  8. The angry goblin blood

    Will possibly be there
  9. Liquid storage "bin"

    I mean a barrel uses a peg... which you get 10 per shaft... and like 12 shafts per log... so 120 pegs per log (Im bad at math so thats probably wrong), P easy to just use small barrels on a rack and pegs to seal
  10. [Bought can be closed] WTB 10 x Corbita

    Im not a ship builder. but why do you need 10 corbitas?
  11. Beverage skill grinding?

    plant and pick, replant after every winter iirc
  12. lumps, drake hide, rare jacket, dragon pad

    Dragon pad to yesirn please
  13. Valrei International 013

    Martble brick and salte slabs nice
  14. I may possibly be there, Unsure.