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  1. I'm not saying it wouldn't be possible without machines, I'm saying it wouldn't have been done. It doesn't make economical or practical sense without mass production. The point is that it would be out of place in Wurm, "full on carpet" is a relatively modern thing.
  2. Because what you're talking about is something made by machines. It is mass produced with cheap materials and low production costs so that it can be purchased in excessive bulk and cut down to size. If you don't have machines and your materials are hand picked or sheared and then woven on a loom, you make smaller rugs that don't necessarily cover the floor.
  3. A nerf to spawn rate would be the only thing I'd really agree to. They are unnecessarily abundant.
  4. Sorry, it's still ugly...
  5. Or Champions have three heads. "Cute" and "Hell Hound" aren't really compatible though, no matter how puppy-eyed those ugly mugs get. Yup, still ugly.
  6. Their feet are already on fire. Hell Hounds are one of the easiest creatures to spot at long range right now. Other than the light-house-on-eight-legs Lava Spiders, there aren't many creatures as easy to identify as Hell Hounds.
  7. ..

    If by "permanent", you mean until the trap decays, perhaps with increased decay rate while something is caught, then I can agree to that.
  8. My thoughts. I don't consider them over powered, just not worth the effort. The butchering rewards in Wurm seem a little backwards, you can usually get a much nicer haul from the creatures you can kill with a well-placed sneeze than the ones that shrug off a maul to the nose like a gnat.
  9. ..

    According to the wiki, So even if you can place a trap in PvE (never tried it), it wouldn't do anything.
  10. I don't think fish exist until you pull them out of the water. This would require an overhaul of the entire fishing system just to add something completely unnecessary.
  11. Trough

    Yeah, not a new idea, but still one that we need. Until this is implemented, pig farming is impractical.
  12. That may be true to a degree, but I don't think the size of a deed and average income scale together. Nevertheless, I still don't see any reason why adding a cost to it makes sense. Deeds are already money sinks, I don't think we need yet another way to throw our money at them. I'd like to add another limitation to the above though, there should also be a delay timer before the token moves. Maybe an hour. If any hostiles enter the area before the delay terminates, it will freeze the countdown until it is all clear again.
  13. A lead colossus would be flattened under its own weight. I do agree lead needs more uses, but things like pewter (copper+lead) tableware or lead piping for moving natural water sources make more sense than a statue that would weigh approximately 142800 kg.
  14. I'm not really sure why there even should be a cost to move it. Being able to move it just makes sense, and it should be free. Of course there should be some limitations... To which I'd also add a cooldown between moves, of perhaps once a week. However, having to pay to move it seems like it would punish the poor villages for no reason.
  15. Vellum is calf skin etymologically, and is sometimes still used in that strictest sense, but it can refer to any animal skin. It would be interesting to have parchment, but they'd have to make more of a use for paper first.