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  1. [12:45:58] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks for shopping
  2. rare butchering knife for 4s in Sale
  3. still growing - no with plans to go underground!
  4. Thanks for buying. Have fun with the clay bowl
  5. up... imped one chain to 60 ql, added a huge axe, ql 43
  6. fixed prices for barrels, added rare yoyo
  7. Welcome this is a new store for our expanding village - mostly new players. We hope we will become better in quality with time and offer more and more needful things. If you have a suggestion to our sortiment, feel free to contact me (Melvinus) in forum or ingame. Free mailing... all prices inclusive mailing-fee Chainmail Iron-Tools Iron-Weapons Miscellaneous Containers Rares Food Veggies SALE Thanks for visiting our store... good day.
  8. Nearly the half of terraforming-work is done... we are a lovely german community here in Mag Mell and happy about new villagers.
  9. The first part of Terraforming is nearly done. We have a lovely german community here and are happy about new villagers
  10. Lot of work is done - lot of work to do - we are waiting for you