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  1. I really love WO, I could never get into it long term because of OGWO and feeling left behind by veterans. This sentiment is shared by 4-5 of my friends, one of which who is a veteran from 'wilds' days. We all joined Jackal as a pseudo-fresh start and it feels good to be slightly relevant. I've seen some posts with sentiment that 'There's a level 100 cap therefor there is no difference between new players and veterans'. From a perspective of a new player, the feeling is that you can't make an impact at all. Why would anyone ever buy or even interact with anything from a new player when they can get a 80 QL tool with all 75+ enchantments for a silver or two? Making thousands of planks / stone bricks aside. Before Jackal, I never made a simple, small scale trade - cotton for wemp. I've played since 2013 off and on. It was genuinely super exciting for me to make a simple trade and actually interact with communities, it's quite a lot of fun. Outside of Jackal, I never really interacted with anyone. Everyone is already in their well established cliques. A lot of people look at the free-to-play MMOs on Steam. I think a long term, fresh start cluster is exactly what this game needs. It's personally what I've been waiting on for quite a long time, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Another point I'd like to make, is there are currently 11 million steam users online. If 0.01% of those players (11,000) tried Wurm, and 10% of those players stuck with the game, that would triple the playerbase that is currently online as I post this (300). And I feel like those numbers are not entirely unrealistic at all, even if the game is niche.
  2. We will be but not yet unfortunately.
  3. New Prosperity Market is now Open! We are working on a large variety of projects and aim to be your go to, one-stop shop for anything you need on Jackal. We will deliver to any settlement within the radius of the spawn freedom beacon. We're not prepared to deliver to settlements in the corruption, but will be able to soon. Here's an up to date list of what we offer so far: Equipment: - 40QL Tools: 30c 25QL Weapons: 20c 30QL Armor Sets 40c Spellcasting: Mend Casts 5c Services: - Blacksmith Imping services to 50QL - Digging Services - 50QL Mining Services and ores Here's what we're working on and will offer in the near future! - Bred Wetas, 20+km/h - Enchanted tools and enchanting services - Ship-ropes, Sails and fully constructed ships For any sales or offers please feel free to PM either Teloril or Lyokan
  4. Closed

    Wrong forum, sorry.
  5. Just experienced this with wooden scraps accidentally, easily made a pile of over 100 using the place feature.
  6. The Medium Maul with 85ql, 84 Life Transfer and 75 Mind Steal, are you able to add Nimbleness and CoC to it? I'd like to buy the fully enchanted maul if possible. Thanks in advance.
  7. 6.5s delivery within Xanadu 5.5s for pickup
  8. I'll grab a set. EDIT: Nevermind, sorry!
  9. Closed

    I have 10kg of Source Liquid for sale at 10s, happy to deliver.
  10. WTB Rare forge

    We're on our way now as discussed! Thanks!
  11. I'll take the Needle QL69 c73 CoD to Teloril please. Thanks!