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  1. Cast done, thanks for shopping with Prosperity! Capitalism, Ho!
  2. First Corbita dropped off and sold! Enjoy, Neo!
  3. Hey! We can do that sometime today. I've PMed you.
  4. Grats, Neo! PM Dhilzax and we'll get you sorted.
  5. Tonnes of rope ordered and sent out to multiple people, as well as some courier casts. Thanks for shopping with Prosperity!
  6. Sold two Courier casts today, with one on its way tomorrow.
  7. Anvils + Large Anvil have been COD'd and sold!
  8. The demand has been amazing so far! I've actually knocked 24 hours off the Auction, we're now down to a one day auction!
  9. Starting Bid: 10s Minimum Increment: 1s I've left out one tenon so the auction winner can choose their own type of wood for the Corbita. Note: The QL will be ~25 upon completion. I cannot imp it until it's 'completed'. Brought to you by the Prosperity Marketplace!
  10. Hi Goodwin! I should be able to do all of this for you, and I've DM'd you. Thanks!
  11. You got it boss! Our mailbox is almost done, and should be around tomorrow. I'll COD it when ready.
  12. I've passed this on to the blacksmith and he'll get right on it!
  13. Prosperity Marketplace! Capitalism, Ho! Welcome to the Prosperity Marketplace! We aim to be a one-stop shop for a large range of items all at reasonable prices. Feel free to take a look at our below 'stalls'! You can place any order or any questions through Dhilzax or Eyrik and we'd always be happy to assist. Our deed is located at the bottom left corner of L-15 - head for the mountain, and you will find us! Please note that this page will be updated frequently, check in often to find good deals on anything you may need! All tool purchases come with 1 free repair imp, if requested. Blacksmith All blacksmithing based tools currently made to order! (Note: Large Anvils cost double) 30QL Tools and Blacksmith Items for 15c 40QL Tools and Blacksmith Items for 35c 50QL Tools and Blacksmith items for 50c Silver Statuettes for 60c Carpenter 40QL Carpentry tools for 30c 30QL Fine Carpentry for 25c 40QL Fine Carpentry tools for 45c House Planning - 51 Carpentry - 1 - 2s based on accessibility from our deed at L-15. Clothier Any QL Meditation Rug - 30c 25 QL Meditation Rug - 50c Leatherworker Toolbelts 30QL Toolbelts for 20c 40QL Toolbelts for 50c Armor Sets 40QL Studded Leather set for 3s 50c 40QL Leather set for 3s Ropemaking Thick Rope 1s ea Cordage Rope 20c ea Shipyard Made to order, I'll need a little time to get these ready. Estimate of 1-2 days for smaller ships. Rowboat - Pickup - 2s Rowboat - Delivery - 3s Small Sailing Boat - Pickup - 5s Small Sailing Boat - Delivery - 6s Corbita! - Waiting List Only - 25s Priest Services Successful Courier cast - 1s - 2.5s, based on accessibility our deed at L-15. Available now! Bulk and Labor Services 40QL Iron - 1s / 100KG 40QL Silver - 1s / 5KG 50QL Clay - 25c / 100KG 40QL Logs - 5c / log