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  1. When using an electrum Fo rune on an animal (tested on tamed HH and normal horse, all permissions set correctly - i.e. I'm the owner) the right click option of Use Rune does nothing. The item acts as if it's being used (can't drop, appears in hand) but there is no timer and nothing happens. I've tested this on both wood and stone runes.
  2. Can confirm that you do get affinities on skills @ 100 via both performing actions as well as from the marks store.
  3. Something isn't right. 100 mining utmost iron (trans rod) rare pick w/ 100 imbue+rune capped at 89.12ql ore utmost gold (trans rod) capped at 58ql ore
  4. Just give him his purple dragon and digging imbues and call it a day. No titles needed.
  5. @EkcinYep is an hour later than the usual time to allow some extra time for folks to finish up their holiday.
  6. 100 Scythe

    I think the title's pretty metal. Grats Robert
  7. Yes - this is on Pristine. Deed name - I'm Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Daa. It's on the highway network.
  8. I've noticed the same. Large steppes/deserts that previously had multiple hours worth of mobs to kill are practically barren. I can understand spreading mob spawns out more but for such large areas that used to spawn mobs frequently to be empty is disappointing.
  9. Top notch guy! Pleasure doing business with! Fast easy and a lovely deed!
  10. Bumping for good person to deal with! +1
  11. I used it as an excuse to upgrade mobo/ram on that PC so I no longer have this issue I did that prior to the most recent update so I cannot provide any information on that, just wanted to follow up. For troubleshooting's sake, I was using 64bit java with old hardware when I had this problem. Best of luck in getting this resolved, it made the game very difficult to enjoy playing, and I LOVE this game.
  12. Bumping this with new info - I paid attention to it and can reliably see a ~20 ± 2 FPS drop every 8 seconds since last patch, at least for the first 30 minutes that the client is opened for. Am hoping the timing helps identify the issue. *** If this is moving in too far of a different direction than OP's issue please let me know and I will create a new thread - thanks ***
  13. Not to hijack but will also post in this thread since it seems there are a few affected. Same issue - game runs beautifully with the exception of 'hitches' in FPS where the screen freezes for half a second (feels a lot like the old travel lag from a few years ago) then everything is fine again - memory usage does not increase noticeably. Since last patch this seems to be happening more frequently for me (up to a few times a minute now, was every minute or so previously). Details in spoilers. Specs console gamesettings
  14. Will add myself to this - same issues, very reminiscent of old 'travel lag' as indicated above. I've only crashed once or twice from it so don't have those logs, adding most recent here in case it helps.
  15. Similar issue to the sandstone slab floors bug, cannot select sandstone brick floor as a flooring option.
  16. I'll take the mallet, cod to nineol pls. Thanks!
  17. Rare carving knife to nineol pls. TY
  18. Great merchant! Bulk order placed and delivered off-server all within 3 hours. Friendly and super easy to deal with. Thank you!
  19. A large cart with --- [12:32:12] A single brass rune of Jackal has been attached to it, so it will have a decent glow --- prohibits the cart from being loaded with message: [12:32:59] The "A Cart" is still burning and can not be loaded on to the -boatname-. Replacing the rune allows loading as expected.
  20. Rare exquisite med rug with --- [12:53:55] A single silver rune of Fo has been attached to it, so it will have an okay glow and increase skill level bonus on skill checks (5%) prevents the meditation action from being available on the rug in both select bar and right-click menus while an item is activated. If you have nothing activated you will see the meditate options and can meditate.