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  1. What update are you running? also are the "graphics.jar/transport" files shown as .dae?
  2. Ah, good to know. Thankyou
  3. Hi, I have recently founded a PMK on an offline Wurm U server. I have been able to add custom Banners, Tall Banners, Flags and Tabards (for those interested was very helpful). I am assuming that there should be a file for wagons in the pmk.jar that hasn't yet been added to the game files, however I just wanted to know if anyone had found a way around this and has found a way to add in custom wagon textures. I have found the .dds (image) files in the "graphics.jar/transports" and am unsure if the "Wagon_main.wom" file is what needs to be changed. Also how do you edit a .wom file? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance
  4. White Drake Fight

    It is open to anyone know on release by other release players,
  5. Hi, This game needs a way for people to show off what they have to those who pass through their deed. I think one of the major complaints for armour racks is the fact they dont show the textures of the stored armour, but this has been said many times. My main suggestion is Display cabinets that cant store items. My though is that they could just be a cupboard with a glass from that allows you to see a few items hung inside. Maybe also a waste height one that you can store a rare two handed sword in for people to look at, Anyway just an idea, Have a great day
  6. Hello, Kurios Estate is a reasonably small deed with plenty of space for development. Looking for someone to tend to crops, and breed animals as well as developing the deed. Any skill set is welcome as there is plenty around to grind your skills however with mining there is a heap of veins of gold on deed and a few iron veins just off deed. Only looking for a single new member but maybe able to fit a few. No payment towards upkeep is required. The deed has a fo alter on it however there is a vyn and mag alter nearby. Currently there is only my main account, Lordofcoin and my alt, Fatherofcoin as members of the deed. On arrival you will be given a small block of land to build your house and have access to everything on deed. I can also build or help to build your house. If interesded Reply here or PM me, Lordofcoin (in game). See you shortly
  7. Please come and get rid of a Black dragon hatchling at 22D. on the island Found out they can cross water now (first hand investigation) Shdorsh (ingame name) said that he would like to help so if you need more people pm him. Thanks, Lordofcoin
  8. Kurios Sale Yards

    Are there any deeds around here? Thinking of building it here! X17 Y13
  9. Kurios Sale Yards

    Hi, I have decided on the name and i have designed the sale yard. Images: Deed planner file: Please give me ideas on how to make the 4 center buildings without the stone proceeding into the first floor. The IRC channel for it on FREENODE is #KSY web base irc client: Please feel free to add ideas and i still need a location or it may be less central than i wanted. All opinions are welcome so please put in your ideas Thanks, Aryon
  10. Thanks for the reply. I have looked around the forums for places similar to my ideas but they are all slightly different. I am planning for it to be an event once a fortnight where livestock is auctioned off.. This will be a large project and i am doing it for trial and error and just to get to know more people on release. I welcome your feed back Thanks, Aryon
  11. Anyone with a location idea please comment... I am looking for a place central of the server so that it is accessible for all
  12. i am thinking of building at Y13 x17
  13. I have seen posts by other members but none from any wurm staff.
  14. Stairs

    I think stairs both indoors and outdoors would be a great idea. so that is a +1 for me