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  1. Sorry i have not been home to get on all weekend. I have the optional PMK graphics checked. I just now cleared some space so we will see if it happens again.
  2. I guess i found a bug in the test client. The error first told me test, but i guess when i copied it it lost the test on top. I didnt even know i was playing on the test client lol I was simply right clicking a roof with a plank activated and moving to the side with D at the same time when the client crashed.
  3. Bug Found

    Hello there, I found a wonderful bug while playing Wurm Unlimited today. I play Online and Unlimited and this is the first time i found a bug, i would think to post it in the maintenance building but it told me specifically to post it in the unlimited section, so i wanted to ask where about it needs to be posted. If anyone could let me know that would be very helpful!
  4. Tortoises

    I went and +1'd both of you posts, both of those are a great idea, specially the champ torts :D, but as of right know Cambriaa is breeding me some here on pristine, but thank you for the offer. Its nice to know there are people on other servers taking care of these amazing animals
  5. +1, This would help with countless things, from going to unique hunts(depending on speed of ship if ship is needed) to moving servers.
  6. Tortoises

    Awesome, ill have to head over there and look around every few days. Thank you!
  7. Tortoises

    Such a disappointing time to see no one breeds them and they don't spawn much
  8. Closed

    Almost lost it there 0_0 I had to have it.. COD to Rexx please