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  1. First time doing one, so hope its correct lol
  2. That’s a surprise for everyone to see at a later date I’ll show you when it’s complete, it’ll be a bit tho, I have bigger fish to fry at the moment. Mainly getting my deed done.. iv been digging and surfacing mining since the server opened. Almost finally done with it tho! Then begins the building
  3. Had to let everyone know they can have they’re fair share soon trust me I can’t wait to stop lol nothing is wrong with it, but when that’s all you do I think it’s ridiculous, not against the rules, that’s fair market, but eh, not my cup of tea.
  4. I’m not hoarding, I only need a few more and then I’m done. I would already be done but other people have won other ones. That’s what actions are for. Atleast im not buying stuff at low prices and selling them to make a profit like some of the other people on here, I’m buying to use.
  5. That it is, so let me know if your bidding so I can turn around and bid again😅