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  1. [20:31:56] <Tomatoes> when ever anything goes wrong ping is to blame, which is why i pointed
  2. Ignore prior comment. I’m blind lol. Exciting updates!
  3. These plants were my worst nightmare as a kid heh! Now I wanna try this
  4. This is actually quite interesting!
  5. First stream went well! Thanks to everyone who joined Hope you see more of you next time!
  6. So, I have managed to get a better mic than just a broken headset mic. I will be streaming wurm amongst other games if I decide. Will mostly be streaming WU but I will occasionally stream WO as well If ya wanna throw me a follow so you get alerts, you can find the link to my channel below
  7. I must be fairly blind oh boy XD
  8. Moved to the correct section- Gawain, Board Moderator
  9. Not quite sure why we dont currently have the ability to combine it, but it would be rather handy!
  10. Hmm. Are you positive you typed in your email correctly? @RetrogradeAny ideas on why he may not be getting it other than what ive brought up?
  11. Graphics bug

    On another note, could ya post some screenies of your graphics and advanced graphics tab?
  12. Graphics bug

    Moved to Client Bugs!- Gawain, Board Mod
  13. Garden Gnome

    Any chance of getting a way to mod in that silly gnome music?
  14. Ahh neat! I’ve tried some actually thanks to the Factional Fight bros such as , Wychwood Hobgoblin and another one from Founders Brewery
  15. What do you like to crack open (or soda/pop if ya choose not to drink) when playing Wurm or other games
  16. Because jackal is a server made with unique creatures that was announced before launch that it would reset. So no, we do not need to introduce weta's on Freedom.
  17. No. They should stay unique to Jackal.
  18. Moved to community assistance. Gawain Board Moderator
  19. Eir

    Oh no this is so sad While I never knew her I wish I did as she seemed like an amazing person!