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  1. I went ahead and fixed it for ya
  2. On the toolbar for posting replies, there should be a a with a dark box around it. Click that, then click automatic!
  3. Actually just looked. 4th Lunalong is happening this year
  4. With the fast approaching holiday season, is there any planned hosts for this years impalong on SFI?
  5. While I no longer really play on NFi, this is fantastic! Great to see impalongs have made their way over!
  6. WTB Deed

    I have the silver to do that myself, im simply seeing if anyone has any already built up deeds for sale before I go that route
  7. On another note! What server are ya on
  8. Hello Orti! I edited in a english version of what you stated. Please remember in the future to go ahead and post an english version of what you are writing. Thank you! Gawain Forum Moderator (Rule: A ) You must use English when posting in the forum. If you cannot use English, we suggest the use of a translator. - You may use your own language in the recruitment thread(s), provided that there is an English translation in the original post. )
  9. Old Soleil graveyard on Deli Exploring what was Soleil on Deli
  10. Im entertaining offers for any deeds for sale on Deli. Prefer coastal. PM me and we will see
  11. Feel free to compile all your old screenies here! Try to include year or rough estimate if possible! I sadly have none left from my initial joining of wurm but would love to see all of yours whether it be deli opening day, etc.!
  12. Bump and +1. Darker nights please but allow it to be set to a slider to assist those who cannot have it that dark.