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  1. @Retrograde Retro, DUDE..... I think you miss my complaints a bit. Yesterday night (my time) I saw you starting a WO stream, as usually on Sunday nights... as it was already late, I decided to watch it "tomorrow" as in NOW. GUESS WHAT? It's not there... did you forget to hit the record button, or what? Did you put it on Youtube asap or what happened to it? If so, please provide the link... thanks. If not.... DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE, geez. *fill in several curses at this point*
  2. So... while Retro is now answering all the forum questions (comments in this thread) within the stream.... does it mean I need to re-watch the stream another time again? And ofc, does it mean, as soon as the VOD is gone from Twitch the answers are not longer available? ^^
  3. Not sure if that is intended, but I don't think so... I planted yellow mushrooms in a new large planter and got this as result (grey shrooms with an red X):
  4. Hm... voted for that too, but I don't think we have enough players to be able to outvote LotRo ^^ [22:01:12] 68 other players are online. You are on Xanadu (207 totally in Wurm).
  5. As I said, I am done with the devs so far, meaning Retro has already cared to make some proper links on the twitch page, and he also put all important links in the pinned forum thread so people can see it. So thanks for that Retro. If Wulfgar or whomever will in the future have a look and maybe care for things too, that's also ok. But stop already telling me it's my fault because Adblock or I'm really getting angry, as it is simply a naming problem for pictures on your part! For now I official close this thing at least and we can move over into some more discussion without devs. I might still take wo website as example below though. @Finnn, you are starting to annoy me... comparing google with wurm is like comparing a multi-billionaire with a beggar. ^^ But for better understanding I put it in a little story: So we got the millionaire, the beggar and a hobbyist, all 3 have one piece of art to sell for one dollar, they all need to eat something, right? At that point you can skip the millionaire, as he is already fed... so it's up to the beggar and the hobbyist to get food now. Let's assume both of them have at least a little shed (company) with a door (the website). The beggar doesn't care about his door, the hobbyist does. There's also a crowd of 100 people, they all want to buy 1 piece of art from someone, at this point let's also assume that they, for whatever reason, don't like the millionaire and would rather support either the beggar or hobbyist. 1. 80 of them are currently not at home but using their mobile phone to find information. (According to google 80% of their search engine users are looking things up by mobile devices, mostly modern phones or similiar smaller sized screens.) - out of those 80 people 10 have problems with their eyes and need a proper normal sized text, they forgot their glasses and are out in the wild nowhere near a shop for magnifiying glasses. 2. Out of the other 20 people we have 10 with other difficulties (disabilities) and aren't able to use a phone as properly as people without difficulties can do and even not a computer, they need helper tools (screenreaders, helping apps, whatever other tools exists for them) 3. 4 of them are scared to use javascript and have it disabled. 4. 5 others have some adblock (without proper lock picks installed aka filter settings) 5. The last one is some professional nerd named Finnn, he is happy to fiddle with things on his browser and ofc has proper lock picks etc. yada yada... They all were told, by some magazine, to go and check out those pieces of art made by beggar and hobbyist. Those magazines link them to their doors. You see what comes now... 5. The professional lock picker nerd named Finnn, with his proper setup tools and skills, just walks through the beggars door, as he is usually at home and not using his phone, and even if using his phone he will just get in through the window because ... nerds do so. 4. The 5 with adblock get told to go get their own stuff sorted, 2 of them do that, getting their lock picks sorted, don't throw their banana on floor, and walk through beggars door, but 3 others try fiddling and fail in picking locks and bananas and instead decide to look for the hobbyists piece of art, and walk in there (without getting told it's their problem...). 3. Those 4 people are probably not getting anywhere (I haven't checked (yet)), let's assume 2 are simply enabling js and walk through beggars door, the other 2 check out the hobbyists stuff instead and, without enabling their js, just walk in. 2. The 10 people with disabilities will not get anywhere near the beggar at all, because obviously the beggar doesn't care for such people to be able to use his door properly, instead they check out the hobbyists stuff and walk in there. (Heck, even the 90 year old grandpa with his simple old textbrowser is able to walk through the hobbyists door, the blind one with his screenreader too.) And 1. seems we are left with the generation x smartphone zombies, 80 % according to google, looking up stuff... and now go and have a look at wo-door and how it will look like on your small phone screen. Know what? Those 80 people will just walk happily through the hobbyists door because door is working fine even for their screens. So, we end up with the beggar eating a 5 dollar canned soup and a hobbyist sitting in a nice restaurant eating a fine proper meal there. I guess, it's definitely not needed to have doors properly maintained (nobody needs SEO only the industries around that, they are probably all broke) but if they are you have a much higher chance of getting people through them, instead of making them get stuck right there and not even get to see your product. And btw Finnn, browsers take those w3c standard seriously because they parse the websites with it and make them readable for humans like us. Take care everybody, this was my last post for this discussion. Not willing to waste even more time into it because Finnn is at least right with one thing: this discussion will go on forever and nothing will change, so it's quite senseless to stick to it. Have a nice day all. Jade Edit: FYI... I just said to a villager that I was busy typing forum stuff and now look at this.... [23:14:57] <Kastneer> you is very angry with this retrograde hahaha [23:15:38] <Jadegeier> not really with Retrograde but the wurm devs overall, as they deliver broken website and tell me it's my fault that they are unable noobs ^^ [23:16:06] <Jadegeier> Retro at least tried to do some things that he knows but he's not proper dev, just community manager [23:16:07] <Kastneer> I don't know we have oficial wurm videos [23:16:24] <Jadegeier> see, there is problem number 1, you didn't knwo! [23:16:46] <Jadegeier> and that's what I was angry about .... with all the other stuff [23:16:56] <Jadegeier> https://www.twitch.tv/wurmonlineofficial [23:17:21] <Kastneer> I find this game randomly in the internet [23:17:32] <Jadegeier> that's official wurm twitch, thanks to my ranting there in forum, you now also can see a link to the youtube channel at that page [23:18:11] <Jadegeier> Kastneer, would you be ok with me taking your last chat sentences and paste them to forum so they can see ? [23:18:24] <Jadegeier> maybe then they understand ^^ [23:18:36] <Kastneer> np, you can post it [23:18:42] <Jadegeier> thanks Edit: forget to deliver the source for proper citation - source is village chat of Epic Pirate's Cove
  6. LOL, nope but in germany. As you may know (or not) we generally have problems especially with videos on youtube that have so called "GEMA" content in them. So we are copying the chinese way and use VPNs here to view that kind of videos (and maybe some other stuff).
  7. I wanted to just say thank you to Retro for putting the proper youtube and merch shop pics/links in twitch.... I didn't want to do a show off or getting angry or whatever, just trying to be nice and polite as possible as I could. I may sound like an arrogant bit.. but here's my opinion (again). 1. Wipeout is correct, it's a known bug with wordpress which I found as the very first search result for my console errors. 2. If I would run a company, especially support department here, and you, Finn, would tell any of my customers to go stfu and fiddle with my adblock you would get fired in that very second because...see further below ( pictures included)... 3. Probably half the people answering here, including Retrograde himself, has obviously not read thoroughly enough what I posted, as I already stated that I do know where things are! I already knew where the merch shop was before I even started posting this thread. ^^ Being not only programmer, modder and even kind of a gamedev myself as a hobby since a good bunch of years now I wouldn't even care probably. I am not interested to earn money for wurm because it is not my stuff. And obviously the devs, whoever is the responsible part here, aren't able and don't care for their customers and they should do as Finn already suggested and just get rid of the broken thing they call a website alltogether. I gave Retro a hint to put YT and merch on website and even twitch channel, I gave him a link to read (don't know if he has done but I don't think so) where he could start with getting problems solved, and I am even giving a link in a moment.... compare: first picture is my (hobby) website for the developing things I made years ago and will serve as that in the future as well, running not only properly with the given w3c tools for checking but also doesn't block anything because simple put, it's a proper website and not a buggy hell of broken things like the wo website is, second and third picture You know what, this thread told me that wo devs don't care for their stuff... Retro tried a bit but then either give up or got angry with me or whatever. Those are simple things to fix when you got a company and want to care not only for your game and website but also for your customers.... again, here is a short read for Retro who hopefully starts to care more now: https://www.wpglobalsupport.com/validate-a-wordpress-website/ And you know what? Retro already said it's not for the money, so I guess it's fine if not only the game code but also the website just sits there as is and nothing gets fixed at all, because you know, wurm doesn't need money so who cares if there is a damn button linked to YT or merch even, nobody, right? ^^ Edit: And I didn't even started to check for accessibility for wo site, propably the same mess there. Well, I am done here, you can now derail this thread again with silly simpsons pics or whatever comes to your mind... obviously it's only some of us customers here that care about it. Not me any longer though as... if you can see in my websites check, I have to go and fix things for my own stuff, because I DO CARE for my things and also for my (casual or not, adblock or not) customers, even if I don't earn money with it because my stuff is free for all. Have a nice day all, and keep on wurming Jade
  8. Nope, it's not cache or anything, nothing get's better if I would refresh. @RetrogradeRetro is right here assuming it has to do with blocking content. I am using Adblock Plus, this website is using Wordpress... that's at least the first thing I found out after doing a quick console check and googling for the errors there. As a first read I can leave this link here for you, Retro: https://love2dev.com/blog/what-the-heck-does-neterr_blocked_by_client-mean-and-how-can-you-fix-it/ For now I have set the website as whitelisted. But many others may have some adblock activated and might not care about doing this. Edit: Let me know if you need further description of errors and/or me checking things again with Adblock activated. And @Finnn 1. I do google stuff like "youtube something" and maybe others do as well. You can go to youtube and search there as a professional, that's fine. 2. I didn't search for Retrograde youtube, I searched for the "brand WO" ^^ 3. Well, you might think a website is useless for a company that has a game and needs not only new people but also earn money for still having said company and game in the future. Maybe they should put a script in, checking for names and if Finnn enters website make it pure white with a link to the premium shop and maybe stick a silly simpsons photo on it. Sounds good. ^^ 4. Oh and I don't consider Twitch a "new" thing... but that's just me. 5. And just an overall opinion by me: It takes like 10 minutes to make a proper picture and put it on the website and make it a link to somewhere (ok, for Retro maybe 10 minutes longer) but... if a dev that earns money with a game can't efford those 10 minutes each day to make stuff better than he shouldn't even get my money at all... but as said, that's just my opinion as a customer and/or I may as well go somewhere else and throw my money at devs that do care. Tell me, is it bad to care for something you'd love to stick with in the years that come? Should I just stop caring like many other players here do and move on? I don't think so, I care even so much that I checked my console and tried finding out why it gets blocked etc etc.... I won't stop caring.
  9. Oh and... just to mention it, on Google chrome it does look like this to me currently:
  10. Retro is right here, Twitch only holds vods longer if you are a so called Twitch associate (or whatever it is called these days). I don't think that Retro's channel has enough viewers and whatever else it takes to get even near this. But what he could do is not only loading them up to Youtube but also set a link on his twitch page directly pointing to YT. Which I am still missing there btw. ^^ You are ofc doing things, but you are not a real PR manager, and have to learn things, and while I don't think any of those links posted by Tamat in that post will help you getting better advertisement out, it at least shows that the community is willing to help. While you're at it, check also Gamasutra, they got real helpful posts in their blog. Now to that video... just a link to YT is fine, it has to be there because when I am watching streams on Twitch and/or a vod (video of the day, not vodka btw ) and know that the streamer has a YT channel as well, I just scroll down and look into his description... professional and even not-so-professional usually have ALL their media channels and everything, even shop (!) linked here. I dunno what you have done there, but 1. this main page is totally confusing in it's own, media links somewhere at the bottom instead of the proper "media" menu... 2. it already changed and now (by the time I checked it a few minutes ago) nothing is listed except discord and Twitch, what did you do? LOL... and 3. even screenshots at the bottom here instead of media section .... And you do what? That last sentence there is (at least for me) even more confusing than the way it takes to find your Youtube channel. ^^ Exactly... there are screenshots under media and other media is elsewhere, even some more screenshots are elsewhere and not in media, but on main page... very confusing if not completely unprofessional. And no, it doesn't look like that is a SEO thingy, at least even that could be done without having a mess all over. Thorin can sing you a song of how often I did say that in chat... and all other things I was constantly complaining about, invluding (edit: ignore typo) missing that Lunalong vod. Two things are correct... in every thread people are kinda interrupting with nonsense posts instead of keeping it a clean discussion, but I guess we are used to it, so it doesn't matter. We only need to tell Retro to ignore those kind of posts and stick to the important ones. Alright, so Retro, those things I want to get fixed: 1. load up older twitch vods to Youtube asap 2. on Twitch: do get rid of one of those double links that point to wurm website, one is enough... instead make one link to YT. 3. make sure all media is linked under media where it belongs, if necessary make more/different submenus 4. change website menu "shop" to be a submenu with "silver/premium shop" and "wurm merchandise shop" (with proper link to my wurm pillow ofc) 5. next time when streaming and you mention the merchandise stuff, put a damn link in the chat for it too ! and do mention that at least 3 times each stream 6. consider changing into an all-american-wonder and get bling-blings all over your stream window.... (well, at least a decent top or bottom row/banner letting people know there is a shop). There is a reason why streamers tend to let their followers, donators and especially their shop and merch things being seen on some kind of blinking overlayed window somewhere at the edges or all over sometimes ^^ Adapt and at least behave as if you would be even halfway professional. You don't need to be professional, but you need to make sure people thinking you are...that's the whole trick. And sometimes it works to get attention by drinking beer out of a shoe.
  11. I just came home, so give me an hour to answer to the conversation that is going on. There are multiple things I have to add/say. But first I need to eat something. @Retrogradecan be deleted because forum is not the best thing to edit posts with
  12. Well, first I have to say I am sorry that this post doesn't sound as frustrated as it should, but I have cooled down a fair bit since I stumbled over... things. ^^ So, this first part of the post goes directly at you @Retrograde! I know you were at the Lunalong recording for the wurm twitch channel for at least one or maybe even 2 hours. While I haven't had time to watch it live that day I just made a bookmark to rewatch it later. I had another vod bookmarked to rewatch, I already forgot the title of that, sorry, which is also gone. Then, I had some time... so thought I might as well watch those 2 recordings. Sadly, the links I had bookmarked only took me to a twitch page telling me that I need a time machine to watch them (which I obviously not have). Now I thought, ok, let's just head to Youtube then as he has probably uploaded them there already... guess the journey just started at this point. :D So, as an advanced internet user I did the obvious first thing when looking for something: I asked uncle Google for "youtube wurm online", and it gave me some links to proper wurm videos by Emoo, Katspurr, Factional Fight, Gerugon, and some others playing WU. Nothing about Retrograde or any OFFICIAL wurm videos, not even on the second page! (I also checked via a vpn in case google is too used to what I normally search for, still only Katspurr, Factional Fight, a MMO-Hut video and a link to WO website and wurmpedia listed.) Ok, I thought by myself, can't be that hard, just go to the twitch channel, as I ofc already know where that is located and check the links there, as twitch streamers usually have ALL of their links set up in their description page. Well, not Retrograde ofc... found only Twitter, Facebook (which I both don't have or use), and at least a link to the official wurm homepage. Nice... Valrei Entertainment, yes, that's it... ehhh... listed are Emoo, Katspurr, Factional Fight etc, which I already had found by google but not the official Retrograde's channel. So @Retrograde: Honestly, I hate you! You are the worsed PR guy I have ever stumbled over in my whole life, I must say. You are not only NOT storing your vods for later watching on twitch as a proper and professional streamer should do, you are not even loading them up to Youtube (and if they are on YT, then WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?). Gladly, I was able to rewatch the latest video today, where you (Retrograde) were talking about that merchandise... ahh, right, I wanted to get a coffee mug and maybe a nice wurm pillow. Guess what... Where the hell are... there is a shop? Oh yes, there is a shop button on the website at least... oh, wait... ;P And this second part does not only go to Retro but also to the DEVS responsible for the website: Where the hell are... things? 1. Retrograde/Wurm online official twitch channel not listed on website 2. Wurm Online official Youtube not listed on website 3. Merchandise shop not listed on website 4. Employment ad for new PR guy not listed on website ^^ So, in all honesty, @Retrograde please sort out your twitch problems, at least ask Emoo or Katspurr how to store vods and make them stay there so people can rewatch them when they have time for it or load them up to Youtube and set a damn link to them on your twitch page! And for the responsible devs: please fws (for wurm's sake), get a proper button on the website so I can at least get my wurm pillow and not get nightmares any longer over this ######. And take in mind: I am a wurmian, so I know where what is or at least how to use google properly to find even my pillow. ;P But you want new players, so how the hell do you think they will be able to find even the most important things? If they have to go on such a big journey and asking left and right and in hidden places about where to find what when it comes to wurm, then there is something very wrong with you devs (and the PR guy). PS @Retrograde: If that vod about the Lunalong is still somewhere to be seen, please let me know where. If it is just vanished, the answer is "cheese" and I'd like to have a rare butcher knife send to me for all that hassle I've gone through. ;P Jade
  13. Here are some nice coastal screenshots, the village is still in the process of being built up. A good spot for newbies to earn their first skills and see how a village is developed from planned to finished. Coastal view of Epic Pirate's Cove
  14. Expect me in the afternoon around 16:00 - 16:30 german time, don't kill everything until I am there. ;P
  15. Thanks a lot to Virus who hosted this Friend-a-long, I had a nice sightseeing tour on Pristine and lots of fun at the event. The deed did look awesome (and Dragon's Beard too btw). Of course also many thanks to all the impers and crafters and Priests for all their hard work. I guess I finally found out that GMs are doing their best to let us die, especially Retro. Nevertheless also many thanks to them for letting us fight nicely named mobs. The Arena was a bit small and not as safe as I thought, as some creatures definitely got out, maybe that can be "imped" for the next time. (There's your feedback, Virus. ) Overall I had a lot of fun and kinda a very nice holiday on Pristine. I am sure next time I got at least my carpentry up to 70, so I can help more with imping. Until then, keep on wurming. PS: Congrats to all the winners of the various games.