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  1. This post is pretty pathetic considering the confidence you showed less than a week ago. I mean, shouldn't the "most important PVPer ever" (or however you describe yourself) have seen this coming? I guess this is just part of your usual scheme - rambling on. I was a little bothered about this post at first. Perhaps this guy carries some weight in this community? Some people do respond positively to self-importance. But nahh, who can take you seriously Poop? Hah, yeah right. I think this is more about your need to be top dog on the server than any regard to the server.
  2. Starting Bid: 3s Increment: 25c Sniper: 1 hour Edit: Just screwing with tags
  3. Be patient? The alternative could be that the devs actually waited to announce a feature until they were confident they could include it within a few weeks. I think this is a bad habit on their part...
  4. Can't wait for the client to be... OPTIMIZED! Do look forward to animal cages aswell.
  5. Crossing my fingers and waiting for the next release. Thx for the reply
  6. Aww... Installed new drivers for my GPU (AMDGPU-PRO, Ubuntu 16.04) a while ago. Was advice for issues with Unstable and Wurm is running much smoother. Now when I try to run DeedPlanner 2.8.1 and 2.8.9 I get this error log: Have installed Oracle Java since I was using DeedPlanner alot, but Im pretty sure I tried DeedPlanner after that. Also trying to start DP with OpenJDK1.8/1.9 with same or similar results. Keep getting "Java vendor: Oracle Corporation" in the crash log, though I am suspecting that info isnt accurately depicting the relevant Java version, i.e. the one Im running the Jar with. Any advice?
  7. Oh lard it crashes a lot. Tried giving it a chance, but I got to switch back to Stable now. And no - my computer doesnt usually behave like this when Im not playing. One Wurm-induced crash a day is tolerable, as with Stable but this is not.
  8. For once I got an actual crash message from the client. Usually it just freezes up completely. Other requested info is found in my earlier post.
  9. My client is constantly crashing when Im trying the unstable client. Had 6-7 crashes under the course of an hour. A few happened during launch, and others crashed perhaps after 15 minutes. Using settings that are working smoothly on the stable client. Specs: Im assuming this is the log you were asking for: ps. Is it not possible to get a preview of your post here before submitting?
  10. Just logged in with the stable client
  11. Havent had that much issues using openjdk. However, I do get some system crashes now and then. Might be related.