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  1. heya, only issue i have with this is the abandonment of the enclosure rule all together. i understand the pros and cons of it, but abandoning it completely lends to the fact that you have to make some kind of money in game, or spend money for in game currency to protect your area. while this shouldn't be an issue for some, alot of players may not beable to do this, leading to their fresh new areas being torn down. while i understand the issues of someone building say, a shack, and fencing it in, just off deed of your settlement so you cant expand it. or not being able to expand because of a similar area being abandoned and you have to wait ages for the fences to decay, im wondering why their cant be some type of limited activity rule, where if the enclosed area does not receive a certain amount of activity ina given time, it can be destroyed?
  2. hopefully you check this post again. specific reason we want someone who knows they want to be a farmer is that farming requires dayly tending. it dosent take long, but it does require regularity. so it would require that the person in question have a fairly predictible scedual. there will only be about 4 or 5 people total so the work load shouldnt be too high. if your still with that, let me know, we can meet up in game.