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  1. As i have already mentioned my reasoning for my identity, It would not be a contradiction.
  2. Very interesting piece, its a shame they did not give the armor a different hue.
  3. My identity being kept hidden has no deception involved. Simply I am a known trader throughout freedom and all chaos kingdoms and seeing there is a bit of history behind the suit, I did not/do not want to be asked to not sell it or possibly sell it back at a cheap price. The suit was acquired fairly and sold fairly the first time. I do not feel the need to be hassled about my decisions and so keeping identities is the best way to go about it. This is simply a sale of a great pieces of armor, a set in which many HOTA wins were needed just to craft the armor let alone improve it. A great piece of Wurm's art work that may end up in the right hands. I could not agree more with everything you mention. I as well never expected the suit to sell for 5.5g which if it were to be broken down it would most likely yeild, but simply just feeling for those serious offers that trickle in ever so slowly. I am also sure with the direction the graphics team has taken that sooner or later color changes will be made increasing its rarity.
  4. Identity has nothing at all to do with the sale of an item, if i were to place the item on a merchant and sell it that way would it matter who I am? The only thing buyers need to know is that the armor is real and its not a fake sale. Every bit of information being asked for is being given answers in return. And mending will take care of the repairs of the armor for quite some time seeing how low durability loss is. This statement is not acurate. The armor was sold to me yes for a very reasonable price due to the player no longer playing. There is however no root of evil other then the player walking right inside an unlocked cave door. That was also cleared up by GM involvement from my understanding.
  5. It is hard to say it is not just about scale protections. Never fully tested but after using Drake and Plate suits for quite some time you can absolutely tell the difference. And you are correct as far as moonmetal made into armor it is better then glimmer. Thank you for the good wishes on the sale.
  6. There are other ways which someone has mentioned to be able to keep the suit repaired. Even if you were on pvp, it would take many wins to be able to make a suit like this, that may be why it might possibly be the only suit of its kind at the moment. The suit may very well not be worth it for many players, but perhaps for a select few other players it may also very well be worth a lot. I am only looking for a fair value for it, as of recent pc's in the last few months single pieces are being price checked from 50s - 1g. With that said i do not expect the suit to sell for 550s but again for 50s public offers i will not even waste my time with. Luckily most of the real offers are being offered through Pm's. There are also some posting that are trying to discredit the armor and making false negatives about its reality. I will feed the little bit of information that i know so that those that may be interested will know this is a very real and legit rare moonmetal suit. The suit was acquired from a player who obtained it from looting an MR cave that was left unlocked. I was a bit skeptical at first when i had i was interested to purchase it because of very similar comments that are also being made on this thread. If anyone has any serious questions about the suit feel free to ask.
  7. Its not better then scale but said to be equivalent. I have also tested this as you can see i forgot to repair a piece or 2, and besides the armor taking very little dmg, it also seemed like the glance rate was more then your normal steel plate unless that was just a reflection of the dmg received being noticeably less then a steel plate set. It might also be one of the only full suits made let alone on freedom. PC's are by far more then what has been posted on this thread thus far. Understandably the helm may actually be the most valued single piece but 50 silver price checks for the full suit is a bit of a joke. I am looking to sell only if it makes sense. More offers through pms are also welcome.
  8. It is located on freedom yes. Link