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  1. +1 As I do not yet have hell horses, I cannot attest to having this problem. I do understand it, however. +1 For Odynn as well. Noob villagers also need a way to grind Fight skill without venturing too far from deed. Having the guards ignore inferior mobs would allow this to happen.
  2. I was enjoying this way too much I think. I just recently came back to Epic but may try to find my way over to visit soon. Also, very honored to be part of the tribute, thank you.
  3. Selling my enchanted tools. Located @ Dragon Maw Cove on I-26 Xanadu. Pick up or mail only, no delivery. Buyer is responsible for CoD costs. Sold: Pickaxe Now selling the remaining tools with deed for 18s. I've not been very active on Freedom lately and have found no reason to keep my deed. It's a 24x31 coastal deed @ I-26 on Xanadu. Has clay and a 50ql mailbox with 80 Courier cast on it. Much of it is untouched and not terraformed. I screened these from a cog on deed that isn't mine. The token has 35 days of upkeep as of this posting. I will leave everything on deed except for my tools in the cart and the row boats. This is the harbor area that I started. The deed borders are at the end of the road at the clay and at the end of the pier. This is the living area that I finished terraforming. House is unfinished and the deed ends a few tiles back from the terraforming behind the Walnut trees. A few cedars and Maples were planted there in the perimeter. This part of the deed has not been terraformed, so let your imagination go wild. The deed border here ends approximately at the end of the coastal road. The road forking off into the forest leads to a mine with iron and gold. Past the mine is a Slow Mountain Lion spawning den. Post here or PM me in game for offers on the deed or interest in the tools. Thank you for your interest and Happy Wurming!
  4. Carving knife, iron 51ql 76coc = 80c File, iron 70ql 75coc = 90c Mallet, oak 70ql 81coc = 1.1s Pickaxe, iron 2ql 73coc = 60c Total = 3.4s COD to Kailesimmons pls
  5. Ephelant - Sorry these are tools I bought myself I cannot make, imp, or cast on them. Elwood - [21:27:02] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  6. Selling three tools: Saw, Hammer and a Pickaxe Located in Xanadu @ I-26 in Dragon Maw Cove saw,iron 68.55QL 69BoTD 1.15s hammer,iron 70.14QL 72BoTD 1.3s pickaxe,iron 70.12QL 71BoTD 1.15s Buyer pays all mailing fees or free pick up. No deliveries. Offers and sleep powders are also accepted.
  7. I received my order in a timely manner and very professionally. Great seller and I even developed a great friendship with him. My order was: 50ql Dredge 50ql Spirit Cottage 5x Random Courier enchants Good Luck with everything Roar.
  8. Also, name the lakes and mountains or give players the option or an event to name the landmarks that they live around on the entire map for everyone to see.
  9. interested in the hatchet QL53, 70 CoC - 70c if you still have it pls COD to Kailesimmons
  10. ok then how's this? 70 BotD 70ql Iron Saw 1s 5c 72BotD 70ql iron hammer 1s 8c 73BotD 70ql iron pickaxe 1s 10c COD to Kailesimmons pls