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  1. i just added the mod and am getting this line... [10:49:12 AM] SEVERE org.gotti.wurmunlimited.serverlauncher.DelegatedLauncher: armoury requires sindusklib which is unavailable org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.dependency.DependencyException: armoury requires sindusklib which is unavailable i renamed SinduskLibrary to SinduskLib but that didnt work...any other workaround or did i do something wrong? edit: issue fixed...renamed it to sindusklib (all letters lower case) and its working
  2. hi could it be possible to create a mod that changes specific timers? eg i want to be mining a cave ceilling or tunneling to be the same speed as mining a cave wall....basically to adjust different actions even if they use the same skill. the reason behind the question is because a 2xspeed server puts skills without timers at more disadvantage the higher the timer is. im not sure if this would be a step towards a better game experience or not, but i would like it if higher speed servers would feel fair for all playstyles. after reading over it again and again it looks like im asking for 2 different things, but im not sure how to express what i mean...maybe cause english isnt my main language or ive had too much to drink XD well...any input is welcome and very much appreciated
  3. hey, i just changed the free deed money to 1s at creation to prevent abuse.


    please look at your deed upkeep, it should still have the amount left from the free 3s in it.


    both upkeep and templar fee should be double now , so you might want to reduce the number of templars you got.


    i hope this doesnt cause too much problems, if so let me know ;)

  4. id be interested in a mod like this as well...would be awesome in combination with the survival mod...or terrible, depending on the settings XD
  5. what mine layout do you think has the highest chance of generating collapses? heres my try
  6. youll need a tile to collapse into a tin vein, but you will also need silver or gold for a statuette to bless the liquid...and a small pottery amphora.
  7. Welcome to Hellgate! Tired of Servers with fast skillgains and timers under a second? Are you seeking a new Challange for 2021? Bored because of Lockdowns? Look no further and join Hellgate today! map: Server Stats: 0.5 Skillgain 2.0 Action Timers Farmticks every 23 hours Deeds are free to create (with 1s in coffins) but have double upkeep and double the payout for templars Starter Gear: 5ql leather set, 5ql longsword, 10ql tent, 1ql steel and flint, 30ql mallet No Metal or Rock Veins (rummaging for iron, collapses for everything else) No Clay, Peat or Tar on map (need to transmute your own tiles) Characteristics start at 10 Skills start at 1 Priests: Vanilla mods currently: Add Kingdom Items Archeo tweaks Archery building skill mod (x4) craftable pauldrons cropmod (crops do rot, but increased harvest by +1) DUSKombat inbreedwarning (might be removed, not sure about this one) milkreset (23hours, GMlvl 0 - /milk) more craftables (only epic structures enabled) skillmod (2x meditating, 3x weaponsmithing) Starter Gear Tabard Mod taxidermy timerfix upkeepcosts (double upkeep, double pay for templars) mods of interest (will ask active players before adding any;)): Survival mod (if i ever get it to run the way i want it) anything else that makes the server harder mods that wont be added: anything to make the server easier, e.g.: anything to make priests easier/better, dig to ground, one tile mining, ...
  8. anyone else getting cold wounds from being too hot? difficultySetting=-2.0f [00:33:24] You are boiling hot! Cool down quickly! [00:33:30] Avg temp:200 You are very warm, and this is unlikely to change.
  9. best quote ive seen since i was porn XD
  10. Sold

    cod to Pyro pls
  11. hello! i didnt play WO for a while and of course my deed is gone and new players moved in, so i was looking through the recruitment thread and found you not sure where you are located or how the guilds work, but id be happy if someone could give me more information - especially about the foresters guild.
  12. remove fasting?

    i wondered if there was any mod that could remove the fasting ingame. it would fit to all survival servers and give more value to cooking.
  13. [WU] Datamining

    how much damage does Bloodthirst add on freedom Servers?
  14. you didnt respect the rules, lied about a cm and just wont stop arguing with our admin even after he unbanned you...i guess in your mind you are always right and only others make mistakes...have fun somewhere else
  15. ive been playing here a few weeks now...great community, lots of active players and a healthy economy. looking forward to my second winter in mystic highlands