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  1. Initializing

    i deleted my local wurm folder and it worked
  2. Hi following todays patch i am now stuck at Initializing - i am past login, Wurm start up graphic appears with bar saying Initializing and then it sticks I am on Pristine any clues?
  3. Stuck with initializing - anyone else i am pristine
  4. just to bring this forward - think this would be an excellent idea. I'd also add other attachments - water barrel, hitch bar to attach animals (not those pulling obvs) - handy for logging out after hunting.
  5. Come on - bring your priests and get them levelled Superb location and friendly(ish) locals.
  6. Accy/Slartybartfast - Pristine Same issue as above
  7. have you got any prices on here - maybe i am missing something
  8. Hi Thanks for info So for every person wanting to connect to my server - if they want to see my map in game - they have to install the modloader? I feel like I must be missing something as this seems like a fundamental part of the game that it would just be visible to anyone who connects Thanks again
  9. Hi Obviously things have moved on since this time but I am struggling to see how else to get the custom map to display as the "in game map" What seems wrong to me is that this change is to the client side - if you create your server so others can join it and use your new shiny custom map then they would be required to do the same manual change Or - is there now a simpler way to achieve this?
  10. Minecarts

    Well the original idea was a cart you could push (or use a pulley manually) but to have the choice of adding an animal to pull heavier loads I never suggested engines!
  11. Could we have hitching posts? somewhere to tie your horse to when you have to log out unexpectedly in the wilds and you dont want to lose your animals? Perhaps a portable version and static version (which could tie multiple animals to)