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  1. Project Macabre

    Will do, thanks for the offer
  2. Project Macabre

    A lot of games have gone that way, using something like Space Engineers (or to keep it more in theme, Skyrim), where graphics and new functionality was allowed in the workshop system. If you can make the client/server code work with the idea of becoming a bit more modular, you can set limits on what pieces you allow a workshop mod to "replace", and it gets really crazy in just what you can do with it. But from my limited experience it is not a simple code change... If so, you'll be doing manual modding anyway, so nothing really lost on your side A couple of games also went this way, as a player, basically just make a "back-up" copy of your install to apply the mods to and do a manual application install for steam. It's not difficult, just requires the server mod to be on the ball with trying to stay in-step with the core updates/patches. ::edit:: Struct the text in the quote, but the comment still stands And thanks, been watching the forum since right before the announcement of WU, so figured if I was going to consider coming back for a bit, now would be the time. Now just to find a way out of the area I was last in if I do lol... think I have a full inventory and a long swim ahead! ::/edit::
  3. Project Macabre

    Lol.. I came out of retirement for this post (I like where the idea is going) Keep in mind, WU will be released on Steam, so some of what you want to do could be covered by simply releasing Workshop content, which allows everyone to keep the same base code, but to opt into downloading additional/modified code. It'll add a layer to the client team's work, but it is something they are likely already considering/planning around since Steam heavily encourages Workshop support. Good luck on the TC work, sounds amazing!
  4. Damn you... I thought I had been able to forget VGHS.... now I need to go rewatch all 3 seasons... you know... so I can be sure to forget it all again.. Damn you Stan Lee!
  5. It's the "Life is Balanced" server, there is a link in the LiF forum's mod server section. Basically, the admin/modder re-balanced the skill tree and some of the weapons/armor to remove certain weapon exploits (i.e. "nekkid" pitchforks), the client files are in the OP for his thread. Skill progression is moderate to fast (for LiF) so you don't need to grind skills to get things done and reduces the impact from the death penalty, but resource costs for crafting make up the difference to keep people from simply spamming mass construction. I'm casually playing with one of the "big" groups on the server, and even with about a dozen folks pitching in and mostly focusing on just building, it has took more than a week just building town walls. One thing to add for the forestry/gathering folks. If you work the alchemy line, when gathering herbs, each player has the chance to find a different effect for the same herb. In order to maximize the "potion" benefits, you'll need to trade between different characters. The developer claims it is unique to every character, but no one is compiling an effects list to my knowledge, so there is no way to easily verify this. I do know that the few herbs I've found have had different properties from the herbs someone else traded me.
  6. LiF is one of the games I've been playing since starting my break from Wurm earlier this year so I'd like to share my views on it as well. This is not an attempt to sway anyone to "jump ship" or to change their opinion, simply adding to the conversation. Overall: As others have said, it will not be for everyone, and the MMO version (LiF) vs the private server version (LiF:YO) are two rather different beasts. Having been in the alpha for LiF, the biggest difference between the MMO and personal server versions is simply the size of the map, the lack of the "claims" mechanic (think of this system as a combination deed and guild/nation mechanics in Wurm), and the server owner's ability to mod the server. This includes going so far as to restructure the skill trees, the exp rates, recipe requirements, and even the animations/models, they just need to provide the modified client files for you to use. Map Size(s) Looking at map sizes, for the LiF:YO map, it is roughly the size of Cele and shaped like a mini-Indy (big mountain in the middle, various terrain types between the mountain and the waterline). On the MMO map, the LiF:YO equates to about 1 map "grid" in size (map was something like 12-15 by the same if I remember correctly). Skill/Character Progression Skills are capped by server settings, which is an option the server owner can configure and can allow for your character to actually master all skills if the cap is set correctly. There are a few servers with reduced skill gains very similar to Wurm's progression pacing, but again it is up to the server owner. Like UO, on servers with anything less than max skills set, you can choose to lock any skill you want to not progress/gain exp in that "line", you can choose to have a skill reduce if you hit cap. Crafting, "General", and Combat skills are all separate skill pools, so the cap applies to each pool separately. Stats are their own pool and have their own "cap" applied Combat PVE and PVP use the same combat system Attacks are modified by skill, the weapon used, and target's armor You can target specific areas for different outcomes Endurance matters, different weapons and attacks have different endurance costs, and the armor you're wearing adds to this cost. Different armors have different endurance costs, but also have strong/weak protection stats making a situational need/use for all armors (i.e. there is no best armor for every use where padding can be just as valuable as plate, sometimes more so, depending on who is using it and why) You don't have to kill your opponent to defeat them and you still get to loot them Death system applies a small skill loss upon death (not defeat), which can be a larger or smaller impact depending on the server settings Trade/Commerce In the personal servers, since there are no kingdoms, there are no coin of the realm. Each group is free to determine what they want to use as their basis of exchange. In the MMO plans (as per the FAQ) each 1*1km kingdom will have a "pool" of coin introduced by way of the trader posts (think of the trader system in Wurm) Building/Construction/Structures General housing/structures are templates (i.e. cookie cutter), but you can rotate the structure when placing it to provide at least some control on appearance Castles/Cities are modular and built item by item The requirements for each structure vary greatly, and will require a player to learn/use a couple different skills to build even the smallest/easiest house Mods I've actually been playing mostly on a modded server for the last few days, the admin/modder has been keeping in-step with the developer and releasing updates the same day as the official client files. Currently there are only 3 truly modded servers (actually requiring modded client files) accessible to the public. Custom server configurations for exp gains, number of animals, etc... do not require modded client files Personal Opinion(s) Honestly, I'm enjoying LiF about as much as I when I started playing Wurm full time a couple of years ago. Like Wurm a few years ago, there are a lot of things that are still in the early development process, and more than a few things that are just fun when taken as part of the overall system. To me, it really does feel like Wurm back when GV was noob town and the mainland was premium only. The two biggest things that I think players coming from Wurm specifically need to keep in mind is that in LiF:YO there is a built in need to interact with people unless the server has the skill cap set high enough (3000+ skill points), and there is a progression dependency to all skill progression. If you want to build castles, you need to learn to terraform->refine construction materials->construction->masonry->architecture, you cannot simply jump into one skill to hit the next skill unlock and than forget about the base skill. As with any other game, you'll either like it or you won't, but either way, it's a personal opinion/preference that only you can decide on. ::edits due to spelling, yeah.. I still do that >.<::
  7. Unity

    Chris Robert's Star Citizen is also on Unity.. and partnered up with the Unity dev team to make the engine more MMO supportive (larger numbers of connected users in a single instance, larger map support, etc...) Unity isn't the crappy little browser game engine it used to be...
  8. Nvm.. Just leaving the stats here: Bank Values: Xanadu ~9g in the first week, and currently sitting at ~36g (roughly 5760 euro) inside of 3 weeks All servers - Roughly 500g (80,000 euro) increase across the total bank value for all servers in that same period, after sitting mostly flat for almost a year. (source: Server Graphs 'All Servers - Total Bank Value' link) Premium Count Increase of roughly 2k premium time purchases in the same 3 week period (so an additional 32k euro value) (link) Any bets that future server launches follow this "new" model? *Values are at Wurm store base rate and do not account for long term discounts (12 month vs. single month prices), or the VAT/Service fee impact to the final totals
  9. The OP was saying they don't like that the current pricing is more or less driving them to buy coin from other players. It has nothing to do with how easy/hard it is to earn coin in game. They want to give money to CCAB, but the value isn't there if you can buy the same item for less from a player. What the hell is up with people trying to shame the players injecting real money into the game lately? If everyone stops buying coin from CCAB because player coin sellers are so much cheaper, your supply of coin to sell will eventually dry up. It might not happen in the near future, but eventually people will get tired of buying in at the CCAB premium price when they can get more coin for less from players. How many players buy (or would buy) from the store now vs. before the price increase a year ago?
  10. +1 to everything but the GPS (Captain) skill
  11. Might want to email the GM team directly.. less flamage that way, and gets the question directly to them faster.
  12. Actually you don't. If CCAB provides a summary of VAT included in the charge (either per bill of sale or annual against the account) you can simply file for a VAT return. At 20% VAT, that equates to something like 16.5% of the total charge before currency conversion and paypal/Xsolla fees (CCAB is within a 25%VAT nation if someone wants to do the math). This requires nothing from CCAB other than to disclose the VAT value per transaction. Since the last time I bough coin/premium, the payment processors only allow a single item transaction at a time, so it should be fairly straight forward.
  13. Those textures look fairly familiar.....
  14. There! I may have shed a little got my haircut, but I can assure you, I am no werewolf. I don't know.. guess we'll just have to take your word on it And nice haircut Evylence, is very attractive (but please tell me you eat something other than popcorn and coffee *points to the background*)
  15. The minecraft forums in video format: >