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  1. I have mined silver for many hours without getting any maps. I would rather get the maps by doing something more fun. Like exploring.
  2. You can always fence ladder your way up there. Shouldnt take long.
  3. 1) buy wurm (i know this brakes rule nr 2, but its Elon Musk, he can do anything he wants) 2) hire 20 teams to develop Wurm 2.0 3) profit from the only modern sandbox MMORPG on the market
  4. I thought you would have just collected a few videos from players and edited them all together. But my production standards are a bit lower.
  5. Hopefully we dont have to dig or mine to find the goblin camps. We might just run into them while exploring.
  6. Does the second update reward actual exploration? Because it sounds like the first update will not.
  7. Long time player here that has been on a long break. I sometimes think I should get back into this game and starts browsing the forums. But then I realize there is nothing to do besides building a new deed for the gazillionth time.
  8. For fishing, I dont see a problem of having both the old and the new system in place at the same time.
  9. Looking forward to the exploration update! Anything that can improve the PvE experience is welcome.
  10. I like being creative with my village friends. Building houses, terraforming deeds to look great and so on. I would really enjoy more types of house walls and such to be able to build new types of structures.
  11. Green is also gone. Thanks everyone.
  12. Libram is also gone. Only got a Green Tome charge left.
  13. Tome of incineration is booked. I am now mostly looking for a red tome.
  14. I want to trade tomes. I am located on Xana but can travel. I got (1 charge each): libram of the night tome of incineration green tome All tomes are gone. Thanks for your interest.
  15. Then we need lairs for those as well.
  16. I have a building dedicated to coalmaking. The house contains bsbs for different qualties of coal, tar, ash, coal pile building material and surrounds the area where the piles are built.
  17. Only one active toon atm. But I have a bazillion alts that can be preemed if necessary.
  18. The main point for adding a new server is that starting a new deed on a fresh server is one of the few things that attract a lot of players to the game (for a while at least). I would much rather have much more content in the game than new servers. But it seems unlikely that we will get that any time soon (or ever).
  19. Well, they could always add a hunting server. More powerful mobs No construction/terraforming outside deeds Accessible from both S and N cluster (binding the clusters together)
  20. The removal of skill decay was a pretty good one
  21. Im going to go look for one just for fun. Where do you normally find them? woods? steppe? desert? Do you have to be close to it to see it?
  22. Large maul needs a skin. The standard large maul looks horribly out of place.
  23. I have big hopes for the combat overhaul. We can ill afford another Klendathu.