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  1. Valrei International. 068

    Great changes! Cleanse sounds awesome! (Fo is best)
  2. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    Thanks! I will try that!
  3. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    Do you have any advice for fellow fencerepairers? I am waiting to see the damage go higher so I can repair at least twice on each wall/fence on structures that are off deed. Maybe its a bad strategy, I dont know.
  4. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Finally he gets the recognition he deserves.
  5. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    I have had this feeling many times before in the game. I stay offline away for some time. Then one morning, I wake up inspired by something unforseen. And the idea grows. "Maybe I should start building a 1800s style frontier fort up north in Xana, where the hunting is good?" And off I go..
  6. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    I have several thousands of more walls to repair before I am done, but I was sort of already mentally in the state you are referring to before the personal goal madness took hold.
  7. Just gonna leave this here...

    I bet there is a huuuge pile of garlic somewhere out there.
  8. What has made you hate Wurm?

    I hate that there are no feeding troughs for the pigs. Making it very hard to keep them alive at the farm.
  9. New Roof

    Sure. I would build a whole Shinto style temple.
  10. When you...

    In my current small village, the mains have PoK, PoI, PoH. The priests (alts) all have PoL to able to make lots of enchanted grass everytime we build/rebuild a deed.
  11. When you...

    I think this change is a good incentive to grind skills all the way up to 99. If we didnt like grinding, we wouldnt be here in this mental asylum called Wurm.
  12. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    Large Metal Shield
  13. Valrei International. 060

    Btw. You can spar with an alt on Freedom for the "defeat another layer with pickaxe" type of goals. Did two such missions yesterday.