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  1. The removal of skill decay was a pretty good one
  2. Im going to go look for one just for fun. Where do you normally find them? woods? steppe? desert? Do you have to be close to it to see it?
  3. Large maul needs a skin. The standard large maul looks horribly out of place.
  4. I have big hopes for the combat overhaul. We can ill afford another Klendathu.
  5. We have seen many attempts at special servers with tweaked skill progression. Epic, Challenge, Jackal They all eventually end up in the trash bin. Im glad the devs keep the focus on the core game.
  6. Fantastic foot-mouth stew recipe
  7. I made a new charachter for the northern isles. Played around for a bit. But as I never had any plan of grinding up another charachter from scratch I went back to the old cluster after a few months of casual noob play.
  8. I share 3 deeds with two other players. Each deed is minimum size or slightly larger. 1 old hunting deed (we havent used it for years), 1 harbour deed and 1 castle deed (main deed). We build small deeds on purpose as people in our group reguarly take long breaks from the game. Total upkeep for all deeds are around 3-4s.
  9. Great news! I particuarly like the combat overhaul, UI improvements, exploration and random PvE encounters.
  10. As high end PvE content I would prefer a hunting server connected to the other servers. With special metal veins and such. But this suggestion is not bad at all. +1
  11. Please consider posting pics here of the deed.