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  1. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    what are arguments FOR having the mag requirement? i can see no solid ones
  2. When you need solid bridge support

    you should make a youtube video about that place
  3. I suggest that we get permament portals between starter towns, at least on Xana. Going to events, rifts, unique hunts and so on require so much travel time that I often skip them. Would be nice to not having to spend so much time on horseback or sailing.
  4. I can't find the Wizard title anywhere I look. And I think Odynn is right. All titles should be unlocked.
  5. The tomes require so much work to get, that I think we are entitled (bad pun intended) to titles from all the tomes we have used. Being limited to the first one we use seems a bit unfair.
  6. Halloween?

    Oh! I hope we get zombie attacks on freedom as well! (And we need more mobgroup based PvE stuff in the game. Not just tougher critters.)
  7. Books and bookshelves

  8. Add Ride-able Moose to Wurm

    +1 Should have been the first thing they put in the game in the early dawn of wurm.
  9. New Server Hunting Only

    If they would allow deeding and building houses, I think the mobs should be able to attack and wreck the place. Rats should come and eat your crops, goblins should loot the basement. We dont need another server that feels like all the others.
  10. New Server Hunting Only

    Would be awesome if the Hunting Server is launched the same time as an updated fighting system.
  11. Add Kegs or a Barkeep, please!

    +1 for more placeable NPCs
  12. What does your character look like?

    95% of the time I walk around like this
  13. Dying cloth Jacket and Sleeves

    How about adding plain white versions of all clothes?
  14. Valrei International. 069

    This teasing of "big projects, but we wont tell you about them" is not ok! Not ok I say!