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  1. One half-filled fsb will sustain multiple people for IRL years. There is no need to grow crops reguarly. It feels a bit weird.
  2. Not letting us dye patchwork pants is an ongoing travesty.
  3. I have grinded up skills on a PvE server for years. Then suddenly, Lo and Behold, there finally comes a new PvE server, but Im not able to go there with my skills and do PvE! I have to skill up again. No thank you. Also, why must every PvE thing in wurm require large groups of players? Rifts, unique hunts and Jackal all seem like they were lazily designed. "Lets just make one big thing and let everybody come there" What I want is a hunting server on the Freedom cluster. No travel restrictions. Some new mob group mechanics so you have to fight several mobs at a time. Higher spawn chance of champ/green etc mobs. Let some mobs be able to wreck buildings/walls. If you want to spice things up, add in rare low count glimmer/addy/seryll veins.
  4. Omg, I didnt know there exist people with so much patience to actually read tutorial texts.
  5. When a barrel has been sealed with a peg it should not have be sealed again with a new peg if you open it. The old peg should automatically be reused.
  6. I have skilled up a character on Freedom for years. Then finally PvE gets a much needed addition in the form of a new server. But I have too skill up again to be able to participate?? No thank you.
  7. I think its a travesty that we have gnome statues but not actual living gnomes in the game.
  8. WO Steam Discussion

    I think it is a great idea! Big +1
  9. Switched my Shares

    I have two fantastic "foot and mouth stew" recipes in WO. How many % of the new company shares can I trade them for?
  10. Switched my Shares

    Best case: They bring some new energy into the game Worst case: DLC Hell
  11. Well, you could always let people start with like 50 in all skills to avoid part of the grind. But it will still be a grind experience and not just a PvE action experience.
  12. I agree with most of your concerns Rhea. I have played now on Jackal since it was possible to go there from Xana and I am already getting tired of it. Why force people to start with zero skills? I expected a PvE experience and instead I got a skill grinding experience. And I am still nowhere close to having high enough skills to participate in high level PvE action. I cant even yet load my rowingboat on a ship transporter to transport it down from my shack to the water. (requires 23 body strength) And they are going to reset the skills in 6 months? Are there people around who likes this noob grinding so much that they wanna do it again? Really? Well I guess some people might enjoy this gameplay style but at this point I would much have preferred just a new hunting server connected to the Freedom cluster with some new terrain/mobs and group mob AI to spice things up.