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  1. If 2023 will be focused on bug fixes, does that mean we will not see the goblin camps for another year?
  2. They could put the confiscated stuff in a loot table that is connected to the the upcoming goblin camps. It would be a nice lore-friendly way to recycle stuff back into the game.
  3. I was playing ww2online in 2007. Someone in the "Off topic" forum there talked about Wurm and rallied people to join him. It became some sort of "invasion" on the Wild server. People died all the time. We built a deed called Fort Mole (near Kyara). No one really knew what they were doing. Ah, those glorious days.
  4. carving knife, iron, 75 ql, 94 coc - 1 s file, iron, 31 ql, 94 coc - 1 s pelt, wild cat, 100 ql, 92 coc - 1 s cod to griper thanks
  5. Love the goblin camp idea! We who play PvE finally got something! Woohoo! (edit : Besides huge group activities like unique hunts and rifts) I guess we will ride to the battle on our speed horse. And bring along an expendable battlehorse with heavy barding.
  6. How much of the development is done by unpaid programmers? I ask because I work in the Telecom industry. Unpaid work is unheard of there. And all the programmers are well paid because otherwise they would leave. Believe me, because I have recruited quite a lot of them (and lost some of them) over the last two-three years. I am just surprised a profit seeking company can get work done without paying for it.
  7. The "studded leather" that you often find in rpgs didnt exist historically. It was really just a brigandine that was misunderstood.
  8. is there a market for charcoal and ash?
  9. All the current servers, both SFI and NFI, are of the same type (if you disregard size). I would like to see specialized servers like the infamous hunting server (more mobs? harder mobs? new types of mobs?). Maybe a farming server without the most dangerous mobs and with no high mountains. Maybe some mining server with the low chance of finding a vein with 10kg of moon metal. All the servers being similar makes most of them rather uninteresting.