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  1. Holy Necromancy Batman! 7 years
  2. Patch notes?

    that question mark bag is so ugly and breaks any graphical style that might be in the game that I keep it in my inventory rather than on my back
  3. or just simply "Huge barrel", regardless of content
  4. give them enough karma from start for at least 3x summon corpse
  5. This thread brings back memories of priest alt fishing for Soul Depth gain. Back in the days, we believed Soul Depth affected spell casting.
  6. disembarking a horse on one floor, and it appears on another floor
  7. 3rd person is great for digging but not for fighting. You never know which direction you are truly facing.
  8. In my group (3 players) we each have our mains and we share a number of deeds and accounts: storage alts (like 10 of them), puppet mayors (1 per deed x3 deeds) and priests (Vyn, Fo, Mag). I understand if a priest alt will have to be tied to a single player. But can we still share storage alts and puppet mayors? They have zero skills. It would be highly inconvenient if we cant share them because people are sometimes gone from the game for months.
  9. A couple of years ago my village moved to northern Xana (from central Xana) partly because we were tired of the low mob count and didnt think it would ever get fixed. We have not regretted the decision.
  10. +1 this has been frequently requested. Dont think I have seen any dev response.
  11. great job devs

    3rd person is great. But there are a few things I think should be polished a bit. One example is that it is impossible to look at your charachter from the side. The charachter immediately turns away like he is shy.
  12. People are getting restless in Freedom chat
  13. great job devs

    had to log in to test this and I have to say that 3rd person view is freaking awesome toggle view with v button hold left mouse button and scroll with scroll wheel to zoom
  14. +1 Adding things to alchemy is welcome.