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  1. I highly recommend buying weapons instead of skilling up weapon smithing. (if you need to keep monsters off your property) That skill is way too hard to skill up for casual players.
  2. do I smell that sweet sleep bonus?
  3. have you noticed that the sun in wurm both rises and settles in the west? very strange
  4. Still dont know what caused the problem as I had the same settings on both charachters. It didnt fix itself until I manually set the parameter mentioned above to 1.
  5. Ok Nordlys, what is your parameter setting for the thing that Stardog discovered?
  6. It turns out the problem is linked to which client you are using. But we found out how to fix it. If you are using the old client, things will look much better (imo) after applying the fix.
  7. Yes, it worked. Thanks! I guess they should put that in the next patch or so.
  8. Here are two screenshots taken at the same time with the characters next to eachother. (same PC, same graphic settings) old client steam client
  9. I have the same problem. Steam charachter view looks much better than old client. They both have the same Graphics and Adv graphics settings. How can I fix the old client view?
  10. Im having fun on Harmony and Melody. Half building a deed and half traveling about the islands. While I am grinding a few necessary skills somewhat (building a rowing boat right now), I know I will never have the time or energy to again grind to levels that equal my main on Xana. And that is fine. Eventually, I will probably have enough of this noob life and go back to the old main. My hope is that when the steam launch settles into some kind normality, the devs will throw the old players a bone and create a Harmony-like server in the old cluster. So we get a fresh new server to go to with our old mains. That new server experience is always the best part of the game and we havent had a new server since Xana was launched in 2014. Yes, yes. I know the argument against a new server is that it will dilute the player base even further. But the player base on the old islands is already spred so thin that it wont matter IMO.
  11. I think the server separation is necessary. Let the new guys get a chance to feel important. That is what will keep them playing. (And I always hate to see rare/fantastic stuff in starter towns because players cannot build that and it diminishes player accomplishments)
  12. I have a charachter on both Harmony and Melody. The light seems more yellow on Harmony. Is there a difference in the server settings or am I imagining things?
  13. Epic Fail

    You created the charachter in the old (pre-steam) way. And you will not be able to use it through steam. But if you download the old launcher, you can play on any server with that charachter. I made the same mistake yesterday and I have been playing this game since 2007. The instructions were very unclear.
  14. Epic Fail

    Logging in worked fine for me today. New GUI is working well but might need some polishing. We had lag on Har, but it might be due to over 860 players on at the same time on the server. Overall, not too bad I think.
  15. Ah, thanks! I dont mind using the old client.