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  1. A few edits: Lily Pad (x12,y18) is gone. South Shore is located at: (x14, and on the line of y18/y19) Move White Rock to x13, y16 Move Crystal Sands to x12, y15 There is a public clay at x13,y16 just off the bridge
  2. Probably a little over a week.. how long have bridges been in the game?
  3. not yet.. I'll still need to dredge it but I'm taking a break first
  4. After approximately: 8890 Brick 5940 Mortar 2696 Shards I'm guessing.. I used the spreadsheet to calculate the numbers. Then new bridge is complete and ready for use.
  5. exquisite meditation rug 76coc... 1s?
  6. I've always run the below command line in the Terminal: open -n -a "Wurm Online"
  7. Once bridges are in game I'd like to dredge part of the land bridge and bridge over it so there can be large ship access.
  8. Karthannar, Ozzland and I were the ones who made the land bridge across Lake Paramount. We are not happy with it and have plans to get rid of the corners. We didn't know it turned into a main use road. Today I took my catapult out and started removing fences in that are in the way. I'm hoping to be able to do more tonight. Frog
  9. WTS 14 Sleep Powders on Pristine. 1.5s each or 17.5s for them all. PM Ozzland in game.
  10. Lowed the price and it is ready for someone to move right in.
  11. NOT moving to Xanadu, just moving to another deed. 21x21 with 5 perimeter, located at Y18, X13 on the Pristine community map. The monthly upkeep cost is 1s and there is 124 days left on the deed at the time of posting. Contains: 4x4 2-story house. Small pens for animals 4 deer in pens (2 male, 2 female) A few bison and cows 53QL guard tower (5 guards) 1 wagon 13 Oak Trees Mapped Mine with 14 iron nodes, 1 gold (30ql), and 1 zinc (29ql). There is more iron and a copper (30ql) in an off deed mine. 4600+ rock shards stored in bsbs in the house and within the mine. I am asking 11s. PM frogilla in game. The settlement is pretty open so come for a look. Settlement Info: House: Deed: Mine:
  12. I've seen this problem and I'm still unable to create new character with my default email. My work email which is a '.com' works fine but I never get registration complete email to my '' email address. Maybe that helps.