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  1. COD to Righteous on Xanadu. Thanks, what a great idea.
  2. For all who enjoy deep, submersive mechanics. This would be alot of fun. +1 For Bees and Mead!
  3. Another interesting addition to the beekeeping line of skills: a bee smoker Referenced: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bee_smoker
  4. Increase farm and tree growth rate in surrounding tiles, that sounds good. Let's add 1x more yield at harvest time too eh
  5. This would be very helpful. In fact I could use this feature today. Simple and yet overlooked. +1
  6. - Taming a mustache : Mustache taming contest! Like the 'buzzing sound' idea.
  7. Aaaaah', refreshing! A nice pint oh' mead. Wait a second, that isn't mead, it's just plain water, boo-hoo. Oats, barley and rye. Hops perhaps? How about a little honey? An apiary privides a sanctuary for bees. Bees produce honey. What do we make with honey? MEAD! That's right, good ole' fashioned beer! The beekeeper would: 1. Build an apiary (the wooden structure which attracts bees, protects them and provides a home for the honey comb they make). 2. Collect honey comb and extract the honey/royal jelly/beeswax. 3. With a little bit of patience, and using a table such as the one we use with dyes, certain types of meads/beer are produced in casks/barrels. 4a. Upon drinking mead, the body is rejuvenated (stamina replenished instantly; ~or~ 4b. Upon drinking mead, the body does away with fatigue better, therefore tasks such as digging allow for more actions without resting. 5. Honey can be made into sandwiches for quick and instant stamina boosts. 6. Honey is a very powerful salve and can be applied over wounds for quicker heal recovery. 7. Beeswax can be made into longer lasting candles or ultra lantern fuel. 8. Beeswax can be used along with various dyes/berries to produce paintings/art (a whole other topic and suggestion). 9. Beeswax can be used with fishing line/sewing thread to strengthen and preserve it. 10. Beeswax can be used in bowmaking. 11. Beeswax can be used for wax molds to build items (poured metals). 12. Pollen can be collected and dispersed on crops for better yield. An apiary/bee box could also provide a boost in crop yeild to surrounding crops, say, 1x more crop per harvest in a 10x10 tile area. Other uses include (exerpted and linked to Wikipedia: beeswax, propolis, pollen, and royal jelly and to pollinate crops. Please involve yourself in the 'discussion' and contribute to this idea and celebrate the making of mead! Thank you, R'
  8. I would like to refer you to this post made on June 12th about Eagle Hook Fjord : http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/103022-xanadu-map/page-10#entry1051297 This area is Eagle Hook Fjord. *EDIT: Alternative Name: Eagle Hook Gulf.
  9. Xanadu Map

    This is a request to have the entire NW body of water which looks like a "J" named. As seen in the picture, the entire expanse from top bottom: E-11 to I-11 and right to left: I-11 to H-9/8. Welcome to Eagle Hook Fjord!
  10. A soft yellow like the color of the yellow/gold action queue balls in the crafting window. The paisly blue progress bar now currently is difficult to see. Thanks for considering.